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  1. So @Matt Do you wanna, I don't know, maybe whitelist me for zune? I hear it is pretty not that bad to play on. Pleaaaaaaaasssseeeeeeee! I paid my dues brah!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. This oddly suits how I feel while others are playing zune and I am not! Lol
  4. Sporkdom

    Sporkdom Supporter

    Zune is fun once you get in there. I like the "back to basics" feel to it.
  5. Well I'll take your word for it I guess :(
  6. I wonder if all my shit is still there...
  7. It would be nice to see Zune since I have paid also. Sooooooooo put me on that list that IKills is on also. @Matt@[email protected]
  8. I wanna check out this Zune thing that all the cool kids are talking about! @Matt
  9. _Crabwich_

    _Crabwich_ Supporter

    It's not
  10. Crab thanks for the stuff :D
  11. At least you didn't thank him for the crabs. 8÷|
  12. Why would I thank anyone for crabs? Lol
  13. mydogiswellhuge

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    Let me help also &Matt .... Did it work?
  14. _Crabwich_

    _Crabwich_ Supporter

    You can thank my mother
  15. Yes I am so glad your parents got together and boned so I could have such a kick ass neighbor on zune! ;)
  16. @Matt Please whitelist me I updated my donation status. Thanks.
  17. I miss zune so hard.