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Discussion in 'Snapshot/Zune' started by Buhjanna, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. Hey @Matt

    I would like to check out Zune. It seems to be the new fun thing to do. I thought I would have access to it but have not been able to sign into it for a few months now.

    Hopefully you come back soon! We all miss our mastah!!
  2. _Crabwich_

    _Crabwich_ Supporter

    Please Matt, Zune needs more players.
  3. For a one-time contribution of $20:
    • 5 residences of 300x300 in size (members only have 1 of size 100x100)
    • multiple /sethomes (2 of them)
    • access to the extended world border (10,000 blocks beyond the member border)
    • ability to wear any block on your head with /hat :p
    • see where in the world players are connecting on from (geoip)
    • in-game Supporter title
    • *no /home /spawn /tpa time limits (usually 30 seconds between teleport)
    • *access to Sightseer mode (fly without being able to break or place blocks)
    • *access to the vanilla server (zune.woodenaxe.com)
    • *access to random servers that we occasionally have (Origin, Skyblock, Etc.)
    * = good for 1 month .. you can keep these going for a recurring $5/month