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Did you read everything?

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  1. Yes!

  2. No, but I'm going back right now to finish it, calm down

  1. Sporkdom

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    Just an fyi... our entire storage room was man/woman made. Unless one of us let you in the room, you had no other access than to break blocks... which essentially goes against the rules. I wasn't going to call BS on the last raid... which I still think was. But this one was. I am not whining, complaining, etc etc etc. I am putting this out there so that others that are playing know what they are up against.
  2. @Sporkdom We broke regular Andesite to get into your base. I do not know about where the banners were because I wasn't in the spot they were taken from. You would have to take that up with @Zane_the_Blaze13 . I do know that we entered your base legally since plain Andesite is not a block you can tell was placed or just generated. Apologies if the team I am on broke the rules to obtain the banners. That really fucking sucks because any sense of accomplishment is destroyed. Considering going rogue myself after reading this.
  3. NO, JUST NO! :p
  4. Zane_the_Blaze13

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    I think y'all are drama queens. Get online and let's get some! Ugh!!!!! :D And @AnToast , our bases for the most part are no longer 'secret'. We're changing up entrances and traps etc to keep out the riff-raff. But everyone's base has been discovered by at least one other team. FYI ya rogue Toasty you!