Woodenaxe memorial week

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    Ladies and gentlemen. Fellow sinners and blockaddicts.

    This week, it's been 1 year since the Woodenaxe server shut down. Some of the players of Woodenaxe formed a new server and named it Intersnout. 1 year has gone and Intersnout is still alive and kicking. Today we are presenting a Woodenaxe memorial week event.
    This week is a chance to visit the old Woodenaxe world, maybe chat with some long lost Woodenaxe players you never forgot, or even have been trying hard to forget! Grab you favorite type of beer and pizza and fly around, visit the grand builds, some familiar ones, some forgotten ones, some unknown ones, and bring memories back to life.

    The world files for Woodenaxe and Zune worlds are made available by Matt under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 License.

    Licencse and the orignal posting of the world files can be found here:
    In respect to the builds and players who made then, the worlds are read-only. That means, you can't break any blocks. You can fly, walk, teleport, set homes and use warps to quickly move around. You can open doors and chests but you can't move or take the inventory of a chest.

    There are no residence data, and hence no plugin installed. Difficulty level is set to peaceful and firespread are turned off. This is an exhibit of the old Woodenaxe world, and not a playable one.

    Stalker webmap has been generated in HD and can be found here:

    Join us with a standard Minecraft 1.11.2 client at play.intersnout.com

    The Woodeaxe memorial worlds can be found through the free blowjobs portals in our /lobby.
    Join our discord server for voice and off-game linked chat: https://discord.gg/uHvGvxf

    You don't have to be a member of Intersnout to enjoy the Woodenaxe memorial week.

    We wish you a happy Easter and hope you will enjoy the Woodenaxe memorial event
  2. I was just cruising around the wooden axe ... nice.
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    Did I miss something?
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    How you doing these days anyway!?