WoodenAxe Meetup?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by akicogg, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. akicogg

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    I hear there's something going down....we should talk. Yeahhhhhhhh!

    I forgot how to add a poll and delete a thread. So um. Just tell me when you think you can do a meetup. Nashville is an option. Early spring next year is an option. Yeahhhhh~!
  2. I Vote New York!
  3. The last one went fantastic.
  4. i vote on the dmz between n and s korea so thats its fair to people on both sides dead of winter is a good time also
  5. siamko

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    Nashville is good for me, I think no sooner than next spring so I can turn enough tricks to go and send little bobby to space camp.
  6. Matt

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    I'm down for Nashville.
  7. General_Rookie

    General_Rookie Supporter

    Nashville is good for Mijo and I.
  8. Fuck you guys!
    Oak Harbor, WA or I'm not going...
    Unless you do it in Boston mid-october.
  9. Lars_Eh

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  10. JackHair

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    We can all crash at Lars' house.
  11. General_Rookie

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    I'm actually going to be around there in Spring for the Art/Tattoo Convention they hold every year.
  13. isoe

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    Ohhh. come on now people, it's either 'Lisianski Island' or no deal. That way 'Everybody' has to either go by boat or helicopter.(Not sure if you can charter a sub)
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  14. who deleted muh post
  15. CaptLou

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    Damn steroids
  16. Nashville? Why Nashville.
  17. CaptLou

    CaptLou Supporter

    Because they have both kinds of music: Country AND Western.

    No matter where, there will be people close and some far, far away.
    I'd suggest Houston or Dallas, but it would be for selfish reasons.
  18. That wouldn't actually be a terrible idea. My dad lives near Dallas.I could stay with him.
  19. If we do it near me I can let everyone stay in the guest bedroom.
  20. Matt

    Matt Owner

    the *active Supporter bedroom