Wooden Axe lives on at Intersnout (August 2018)

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    The spirit of Wooden Axe is still alive on Intersnout, at www.woodenaxe.com. I was admin for the first 6 months or so before I handed it over to Haugsvar, around November 2016. Haugs (who is in Norway) has done an incredible job keeping the server running full steam, and he checks in on things daily. He also is well aware of the legacy of Wooden Axe and has done a lot to stick with the same successful formula that Matt developed.

    We have had some busy periods on the server, especially on evenings and weekends.

    ... along with all of the usual chat. Intersnout is running one main world (intersnout) and a few secondary ones (killer, aquatic-test). Chat is all linked together with global chat, in other words, in chat it looks like everyone is playing on one server even if they're not.

    Some players like Snake and Hoe have been busy.

    The new Aquatic V1.13 world is up... on Intersnout just go to /server aquatic-test. This server has been running about 2 weeks. The shipwrecks and treasure maps are actually a lot of fun, and I say that as someone who rarely bothers with dungeon quests.

    Dropping by one of the player's houses on Aquatic yesterday on the way out to look for shipwrecks.

    And we do have an Intersnout road network on Intersnout. About 30 km of roadway has been built to date.

    In closing, I appreciate Matt's generosity keeping the Wooden Axe forums open so we can all keep in touch. It's sad that Wooden Axe has gone away, but such is life, the good things rarely last long.

    Anyway I hope we'll see some of you again on Intersnout. Use the V1.12.2 client (configure in the launcher under Launch Options), except for Aquatic which is V1.13.
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