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  1. Hello my name is Mike and i'd like to join the Wooden Axe server I am 19 years old turning 20 in may and I hope that's ok because most people here seem to be like in their 30's to 40's. My old account was named TheHarpoon but I forgot the password. Uh I found this server by looking for adult minecraft servers. Since I am so young (19 yrs) I have been through the noobing, pro, and fuck off I'm solo phases that most go through so I 'd be glad to finally settle down and finally become part of a community that's rare in gaming. Thanks. Just reposting so I'm not missed in the forum.
  2. maybe you should try simply bumping your original application instead of posting a new one.

    ....just a thought....
  3. Application #6. Seriously, did your mother drop you on your head as an infant near the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

    Inquiring minds wanna know.
  4. ^^^ seriously @Hardwired once I saw your "#application number 1" I was like ... I think he is ... so I then clicked on his second one and saw your "application number 2"
    SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HES DOING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It seriously showed me how funny you really are here on the threads ... It made my first check to the threads a quite comical one.
    Pipe down @argonknight22 trust me the first one has been seen. until then why not try posting in the "off-topic" sections or the "discussions" about things you do or just wanna share. A great way to build relationships with the community here is to use the forums. <--trust me I have been through the chat haze.

    take this response as help not a taunt. but you can take it however you want. you are 19
  5. the room is spinning
  6. ...or maybe you're really an old fart who is catfishing for attention and since the 12-year-olds now a day are more like 18-year-olds this just can't be happening in your world. So you had to figure out a new infamous way to be a pedophile and have concluded to your liking that the youngsters these days could be in a place like this trying to catfish their way in.

    --possible first thought ... I KNOW, I WILL POST the same thing OVER and OVER so it appears I am desperate! That will draw all the desperate ones in! yes yes .... this could work quite well ...GARGAMEL! GET YOUR FINE PUSSY OVER HERE! daddy has a plan ... muahahahahaha

    ______________________________________________________or you actually could be who you say you are. We will never know the truth .... post an avatar brah!
  7. Why were all five or six bumped these were like days apart before
    calm down sweatcheeks