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  1. There was once an armor stand here, with some lame gear and a wither skelly head. It's not there any longer. Whodunnit, @Matt?

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  2. ButtUglyJeff

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    Does the bow and arrow trick still work on armor stands?
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  3. lol, now the painting shown in the screenshot is gone too. Not sure if that's even a traceable block tho.

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  4. If Matt is using Logblock, then I believe it's not traceable. Unless Logblock updated or something.
  5. Can an exploding creeper have taken them both out?
  6. I didn't think exploding creepers could take anything out. Maybe I'm wrong about that tho?
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    sounds like you have cock-roaches, or troll-roaches, better invest in some raid, aka, lava traps
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