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  3. One day, a long long time in the past, during the creation of Origin by the man in the sky...there was a spider, and a creeper. That spider and creeper began a long travel towards the homebase of the one known as the Ninja of Pastas. during their travels, the creeper and spider made camp. It was on a mountain, a broke back mountain. It was getting cold so creeper and spider decided to snuggle and spooned the whole night through. What happened that night some may consider magic, others complete nonsense. Darwin was, infact, rolling in his grave at this time (It was probably because of all the spiders and bugs eating his remains). To the spider and creepers surprise, the next morning was unlike no other. The creeper began to puke, the creeper then grabbed onto the shower curtain to gain some ability to maintain composure but ended up ripping the curtain, fell, and smashed it's head on the toilet. The spider ran into the bathroom to figure out what all the noise was. To the spiders surprise (and poor timing), the creeper had morning sickness, and had puked gunpowder all over the floor and walls of the bathroom. During it's fall, the friction of it's head hitting the ceramic basin bowl had ignited some TP which was now smoldering. As soon as the spider realized and tried to run BOOM, both the spider and creeper were blown up in a lovely manner. During said explosion a hundred thousand little baby Spider Creepers had ejected from the bowels of the creeper, and proceeded to float through the air into the general direction of the Pasta Ninja.

    I forgot that Lars was also there during the spooning on the back of broke mountain, *what a twist*.
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    a spider blew me...
  6. It was probably that kind of spider

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    Creeper riding spiders now? Kamikaze pilots have nothing on these guys.