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  1. Ahoy there.

    Recently, I've seen several members tell guests that the server is 15+, 16+ or 17+.

    Has the age requirement changed?
  2. Matt

    Matt Owner

    Nope. Just a bunch of liars.
  3. Lol, thanks.
  4. its to get them to feel comfortable in saying they are say.. 16 or 17 thus outing themselves.
  5. KevynM

    KevynM Supporter

    Thank God there is no age limit as such
  6. PastaNinja

    PastaNinja Supporter

    Yes, we are liars. You'd be surprised how often this ONE STRANGE TRICK WORKS
  7. _Crabwich_

    _Crabwich_ Supporter

    Scenario: Unknown person joins as guest. Everyone is unsure of the age of the person. Someone says "This is a 15 plus server". The lying 13 year old guest replies:"Oh, I'm 16 so I'm good". We now know that the person is underage. Matt does not have to play Matlock for a new app for some kid who is lying about *his age.

    *That's right, it's always a 13-14 year old male. Go figure.
  8. bullingju0


    This is EXACTLY why I started using the same trick while picking up chicks on or around schools.
  9. Oh... that explains that. I was wondering if it was a joke or what.