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Discussion in 'Help and HOWTOs' started by megadorkvikki, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Ahoy there.

    Recently, I've seen several members tell guests that the server is 15+, 16+ or 17+.

    Has the age requirement changed?
  2. Matt

    Matt Owner

    Nope. Just a bunch of liars.
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  3. Lol, thanks.
  4. its to get them to feel comfortable in saying they are say.. 16 or 17 thus outing themselves.
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  5. KevynM

    KevynM Supporter

    Thank God there is no age limit as such
  6. PastaNinja

    PastaNinja Supporter

    Yes, we are liars. You'd be surprised how often this ONE STRANGE TRICK WORKS
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  7. _Crabwich_

    _Crabwich_ Supporter

    Scenario: Unknown person joins as guest. Everyone is unsure of the age of the person. Someone says "This is a 15 plus server". The lying 13 year old guest replies:"Oh, I'm 16 so I'm good". We now know that the person is underage. Matt does not have to play Matlock for a new app for some kid who is lying about *his age.

    *That's right, it's always a 13-14 year old male. Go figure.
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  8. bullingju0


    This is EXACTLY why I started using the same trick while picking up chicks on or around schools.
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  9. Oh... that explains that. I was wondering if it was a joke or what.