Valentines Day Build Contest

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  1. /res tp vday

    Last day for entries will be Valentines or February 14th 2016 at midnight.

    Build in outlined plots a red or pink area (15x15x15) area, Thats 15 Long, 15 width and 15 tall).
    • Include 1-Furnace (or more)
    • Include 1 -Crafting table (or more)
    • Include 1- Animals (or more)
    • Include 2- Chests or Enderchest (or more)
    • Include 1- Bed (or more)
    • Include 3- Plants (trees, flowers, exc.)
    • A sign Stating its your property (on the outside by the street)
    Torches can be placed where needed to be they wont count as block space. You MAY take down trees that are within or overbearing with your plot(trees can grow taller than 15). You MAY terraform as needed so long as you mark your 15x15 space and make it easily visible so it qualifies.

    The Prizes- Diamonds, emeralds, gold, iron, exc. (and whatever is donated)

    We will have online voting for the prizes.

    Extra Awards given for -
    • Most Innovative
    • Best use of theme (The theme is valentines day you losers)
    • Good Try
    • Last Place
    Special Thanks: @musicqueen @Reneenae @Deepfinger (For Popeyes & free food!)
  2. Howdy y'all! Just wanted to give a quick update and remind you about the V-day build - because January is flying by!

    There are still fourteen spots available and they're going fairly quickly. We've seen some great builds thus far and I'm excited to watch them keep coming! Grab some free cookies from my cabin or some yummy Popeyes provided by @Deepfinger if you need a bite, ride a pig around to view the builds, and let us know if you have any questions!

    a few reminders....
    • To be qualified for prizes, the build must be within 15x15x15 as well as include all items listed above.
    • If you want to build just to build, that's fine! Just build outside of the contest area. (Ideally towards/near Lovers Leap!)
  3. Does a built animal count or does it have to be a live animal? my sheep or do I need to pen a chicken.....
  4. Still working on my build, but I need names!

    Come to the micro challenge and fill out your name with the paper and anvil!

    However, you won't be able to get your match until next month!
  5. A live animal was the intension but I think any live entity would count.
  6. I was bored googling stuff (vday minecraft)... I FOUND this image amusing :p It made me thinkg of a bunch of u woodenaxers. LOL
  7. My favorite part is the stash and eyebrows.
  8. omg lol thats awesome....THE PUBES!! I'm in love lol
  9. Thank you to everyone that submitted their names! It seems there are many of you lookin' for love at the Lovin House! Shortly, you too will be able to find your forever match using my patented, very scientific very mathy love formula!

    DISCLAIMER: I may or may not have force submitted most of the names.
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