Uh guess I gotta do this to apply?

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  1. Yeah this is weird, okay, so uh, Hi! This is my application to join!
    Name: Austin James Seever
    Age: 18 as of January 3rd 2016
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: I am a high-school student in my Senior year.
    Where I found the server: I found the server by searching for "Mature / Adult / 18+ Servers" on google chrome.
    Plans for after school: I plan on going to Culinary Arts for 2 years, then moving on to Video-game Design and Development and after that possibly Psychology.
    Likes: I like people in general, I also love watching Markiplier on YouTube, and love playing Casual Minecraft by building fun little houses / clubs. I also love to cook and talk to people who don't start anything just because.
    Looking for: I'm looking for NICE and kind, genuine, people who Skype and play minecraft to play and talk with. People who are mature enough to not bring race, religion, sexuality, or gender into an argument. People who are above being
    rude and will actually try to help a fellow-player out. While I do enjoy arguments about simple things I would much prefer people act their age and NOT their shoe size. I have noticed that while there are some mature people on this server, there are those who...aren't.
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  2. I also like to play other games such as league of legends.
  3. Is there a new template to copy and paste for applications?
  4. uh...not that I know of? That's how I submitted mine lol.
  5. I should also point out Im a pervert and a weirdo
  6. What 18-year-old isn't?
  7. true
  8. I really hope it doesnt take 3 weeks for me to get accepted
  9. [​IMG]
  10. LOVE IT
  11. Okay, Im bumping this becuase I have been waiting since January 15th to be accepted.
  12. If this is the first time you've bumped it obviously hasn't been with bated breath.
  13. I actually broke my computer a few days after my last comment (Coffee spills) and just got my newish computer hoping that I would have been accepted by now.
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    it's closed dummy
  17. Server died. RIP SERVER.