Thinking of reviving the server

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  1. So I downloaded the map and I have a minecraft server hosted with OVH with 6 TB of space. I am willing to host and run the map if enough people from here show an interest. I allready have the map running on my server but it will be an anarchy server with no rules or admin interference.

    Obviously if I were to restart the wooden axe I would need the plugins and configs from Matt along with the player data so you guys could pick up where you left off. I have been in contact with Matt and I am just awaiting his response to see if he would be willing to let go of the rest of the server files as I know he has them as I got my player dat file him to go to my build. Let me know your thoughts about reviving the wooden axe.
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    I don't believe player data was ever a possibility.

    There are just too many skeletons...
  3. I'd play again if I could. I miss the old times on Woodenaxe. I made some great stuff there, but that was a few years ago. Anyway, totally down with the idea.
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