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    It's good to see the Hatchet is doing well. Just for a bit of feedback, my 10-year old lost interest earlier this year because on some days he prefers to veg out and do solitary mining/building. On those days 1 or 2 other kids he didn't know, on separate occasions, kept trying to /tpa to him and message him, and when he said he he was busy they eventually went over to his build site and were getting in the way, trying to be helpful, and sending more messages.

    This is not a complaint and it doesn't matter who it was, and I don't even remember. Rather, I only want to share one dynamic going on in case a few additional rules would help the server. On the adult server nearly everyone knows what "don't be a dick" means, but kids probably need a little more guidance about expectations.
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    Isn't that the point of the parents being mods on the server... To moderate this kind of behavior and make sure the Hatchet children are all enjoying their experience?
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    Gang activities already? I was hoping that this one would be different.
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    Claims and protection: I just want to let all players know that claiming in this server can be done only by wooden shovel in regular world and golden shovel in Nether, that you can avoid the confusion.
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    Anyway.....why there are not any players? It is looking like many children were whitelisted but no one is playing :)
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    Did we take down the wooden hatchet? My son and daughter do play quite a bit.
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    Hatchet is down for good? I'm just wondering because the kids have been bugging me to play. If this is that case I'll have to look into setting up a server for them.
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    As always Lars your input is greatly appreciated. I would still like to know what Matt's plans are for the server. As for the whole Crack whore thing I'd be a lot thinner if I did smoke crack. So you calling me a Crack Whore indicates that you must thing I'm thin. Thank you for your kind compliment. I have been working out I'm glad you noticed. I do feel thinner.
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