The Struggle

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  1. Is real. @Matt
    • Hoppers aren't working (I assume the lag)
    • Theirs a 3-4 second lag consistently. With spikes up to 15 seconds before you get disconnected, and I'm running around 60 fps on average.
    • Killing mobs with this lag is like a horrible game of chat roulette
    • /res select expand isn't working
    • /res rename isn't working
    • /res select subzone isn't working
    • I waited for three hours today (in the chunk) for a villager to grow up.
    • We actually kind of miss you being on. Sometimes you even spoke to us in the good ol' days.
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    /res select expand does work, its /res expand that doesnt

    if you need to expand a res and are not planning on moving it use these steps
    1. stand inside the residence you wish to expand
    2. /res select residence resname main (main is the area name of the actual residence)
      • This will select an area identical to the existing residence, in the exact same co-ords
      • for subres it would be /res select residence resname.subzonename areaname (area name can be found by doing /info resname.subresname (it's usually the same as the subzone name unless you've renamed the subzone at some point))
    3. face direction to expand
    4. /res select expand <value>
    5. /res area replace resname main
      • /res area replace resname.subzonename areaname
    6. finish
    Here's the residence thread for anything else, just skip anything on there that is broken in game at the moment.
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    so i tested whats broken tonight,

    • /res subzone
    • /res expand, /res contract
    • /res rename
    • /res list [player] = doesnt work for everyone, mine shows, but everyone else's shows no residences
    • /res area = apparently doesnt exist
    • /res default = apparently doesnt exist
    Same with furnaces. Sometimes F3 + A works, but most often you have to destroy and replace the items to get them working again.
  4. I wouldn't use the word playable here. I'd use the word tolerable, but not playable.

    Also can we figure out why guardians just aren't spawning anymore?

  5. AT the moment being 1:47 EST the server is unplayable lol. takes anyone 30 seconds to get a response to chat messages and rubberbaning is so bad i thought i was in a mosh pit with 10,000 invisable obese bikers with no personal boundaries

    @Matt Please dont let invisible Bubba The biker touch my naughty place. restart dis bich
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  6. worse then it has been. Borderline unplayable right now. Methinks it would be great if @Matt would press the restart button....
  7. It seems to have gotten better for me, and I would bet good money that my rig is worse than anyone's on here.
  8. you do seem to die alot...