The server is now 1.9

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  1. fall traps are displeasing
  2. I think that thing with the enderman in the nether was part of the april fools like the 1.rv version.
  3. I am glad I have a server to log onto and speak with people I enjoy speaking to..mostly. The lag can be a little annoying at times, but hey, I choose to come here so if I am experiencing it, it is by choice. Have a nice day!
  4. Miyamotoo


    I'm still not getting a decent explanation why the border was expanded while there is nothing new to explore in the overworld?
    Or im not looking at the right places for an answer.
    If this is such an issue can't we jsut go back to previous borders? We wont miss out on anything right?
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    You just cannot expand your borders, let folks start to settle the new regions, and then simply roll things back because you realized it was a huge fucking mistake.

    Hypothetical example:
  6. Just saying....but a Zune redux would be really, really nice.
  7. @Matt This ^^^ would be lovely!
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    Welcome to..
  9. I think you may have reached the practical end of the world. I'm running a fair sized PC with a lot of bandwidth and things have just become to laggy to play. Now the most important part of WoodenAxe is the forum! It's the only forum I have ever been on that after "Mark Forums Read" the next day has pages of new posts. I assume you are not running the forum on the game server :eek: that would explain a lot.
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