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    Beyond words

    Much sad

    Many cry

    Very wow

    I feel like a family member has died losing this server. RIP in peace WoodenAxe.

    Wait, I'm not all being charged $5 a month am I?
  2. On a random whim I decided to check the forums today, being half way through my summer hiatus from minecraft, and although I'm way past due in my reflection, I feel it's not to late to offer something.

    To @Matt, having been a long time member and occasional supporter, I am truly grateful for the time and entertainment this server has provided during the long New York winters, and I wish you the very best in your future.

    I've met many friends and shared multiple experiences over the past few years that have revolutionized the way I approach online gaming, non of which would have been possible without your dedication and service to the community.

    Although I may not have played every day, the hundreds of hours of entertainment your server and this community has provided me will never be forgotten and was truly an amazimg experience to enjoy.

  3. I'll always miss the laughs we had during those 11 months of guestship.
  4. It was a pleasure playing with you all (when I had the time). Take care, all. <3
  5. Wow...I went off a little over a year ago with some health problems. I met a very good friend on woodenaxe 3 years ago but sadly lost touch. I had some nice conversation's with other members. Origin was fun and sky block. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for a number of years now and I found an escape within this community. It comes as a bit of a blow to see it go. It would be amazing if someone could pick it up and continue on. I miss my friend, I miss my world...I miss my escape.

    I wish you all the best, thank you for a little bit of sanity and sanctuary.

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    theres a few servers everyone from here is playing on., Jackalsden, Krumbled, Amigos and a few others. Skyhigh 158.69.120198:5614 which is syblock that @7ommy9unN3r created. Miss ya glad your health is back in order.
  7. No, thank YOU. You're the real MVP here.
    It's only sad that after all this time, I think about coming back but: It's too late.
    This server meant a lot to me. There was nice people all around.
    No server will be as this one, no server will be.

    — Farewell WoodenAxe.

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    six months is enough @Matt, the joke is old now.
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    just to clarify... did you mean "Optimistic" or "Wildly Optimistic"
  10. I know I'm insanely late on this, 'cause I actually knew about it and just avoided saying anything, but... I LOVE YOU ALL.
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    Bump. Come back, matt?
  12. I downloaded the world and I have to say, it's kind of depressing seeing all that beautiful stuff and no people. Pervcity isn't as fun when you're the only perv. :/ I'll always miss and remember the people I randomly chatted and dicked around with- Naked, Tantric, Val, all the ladies (Tam, kmomma, etc., etc.,- so many cool ladies,) etc. I'm sure I've forgotten a bunch of people, because it's been so gd long. I'll miss the spawn noob sniping and hunting collaborations. :D Thanks for the memories, Matt.