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  1. I've not been on much this last year but I had a blast building my stuff on Woodenaxe. Gonna have to grab that world file.

    To everyone who took the time to teach me about minecraft, shoot the shit and have some laughs, thankyou. You've been awesome.

    Now, where's everyone at now? I need to know where to get a fix.

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    Im not sure words and do it justice. I knew when things were bad I could log in find friends and feel better. I hope my antics have brought a smile to some faces while I was on, Know it was all in fun and I will miss you ALL VERY MUCH!!!
  3. whahh? wahh...nooo... I know that bitter sweet moment that needs to end, so I completely understand. but bro :( I'll miss the really cool people I met on here and all the really sweet builds!
  4. I've been off for a while but have checked the live map every so often to see how the world is progressing. I miss the people I got to know here. I even miss the daily grind of keeping the shelves stocked at EB and keeping the burners going at KFC. Thank you for the memories. Great job Matt!
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    Dam it . Hey Matt I will close down mine and give the domain to you if you reopen woodenaxe, And I will return to play as well.
    Come on man 5 years is to early to retire.
  6. Wow. I wasn't part of this server for long, but everyone was extremely nice and I appreciate how welcoming you all were. I wish you all the best, and hope that we can all find a server half as good as this one.
  7. you met nice people?


    Well...shit, I get time to pop back in and scratch an itch, only to find out it's been closed. Sad to see it go, but certainly understand the reasoning.
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    So did you, noodleass. I only ever killed you a couple of times.
  10. I'm a friendly neighbor
  11. Spectacular job, Matt. Take care, all. Leto and I had a blast.

    I'm off at for any retro gaming peeps out there.
  12. God. This makes me sad. Playing drinking games, talking music, and just hanging out. While I wasn't on for very long, it made an impact on me. This was the first server I was on that actually made me feel like I was a part of something good. Im really gonna miss it. If you ever find yourself in Georgia stop by my shop I finally bought that yogurt store I was managing. Me and NTRP_eclipse never finished that liquor store...
  13. I came back to this server a month and a half too late. I had some great memories here and I'm sorry to see that it is now down. Much love and missed connections. <3
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    footage of the final moments of the axe
  15. Well, I tried to log on today and the following research led me here. What can I say that everyone already hasn't already. Thank you, Matt, and WoodenAxe community. A good portion of us have been here half a decade and still here we are, friends. There will never be another experience like this one for any of us, I'm sure of that; and our kids and grand-kids will never believe us when we tell the stories (probably for the best). A thought, should put the original server map online for a few weeks for the lulz, I know I still got the version .jar needed laying about. just a thought.... anyways, love you guys, make more babies (yes that means you).
  16. Aww and I never got to finish my artwork .. I'm sad now. I wish you all the best in the future and hope to see you all again some time on a new and improved woodenaxe ;) Take care.
  17. @Matt, thanks for the server; I'm sad to see it go, as I was just thinking of coming back after a year away. It was a truly great experience being on, and just exploring.
  18. Thanks for the fun times!
  19. Just read all your rules and what your server was about. Didn't see that you weren't accepting new members until just now. So sad. Perhaps you could put that information at the top of the rules or on your homepage?
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