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  1. Thank you Matt, for all the time you have put into making this server a great place to play MC.
  2. Aww, right as I was getting back down to 40 hour weeks. Thank you, @Matt for creating and maintaining this virtual adult playground, and interesting experiment in social dynamics.

    Steam name: loreve. I think. Maybe?

    Good night, and good luck
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  3. No that's my new one. I cant access my anubis_anpu one. My ex changed passwords to alot of my stuff.
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    Great server sir.
    Let us know what your next project is gonna be.
    How can I not miss you all now.
    Lars my name in Norwegian means p-p.
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    Matt, I have to thank you again. I missed so much this last year as I fought prostate cancer but am grateful for every minute I was on Woodenaxe. Good bless and top of the world to you in your future.
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    Well fuck me! Met some awesome peeps here (one of whom now resides in my house :p ) and had some piss funny moments. Matt, you are the soft spoken legend that made this happen and i thank you for it. Wish you and Aki all the best in the future :) ... this is the doge signing out! bye's!
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    p.s. spewing i didnt get the chance to burn /res tp wood to the ground.... fuck!
  9. Wow. I take a break for a couple weeks and come back, and the world has ended. I haven't been on this server for very long, but I have to say I have never been part of an online community this strong, with this much identity and personality. Thank you Matt for everything you've done here. I hope I can keep with all of you in the future.
  10. WOW the axe is closing down?.... i know nothing lasts forever, and this day would eventually come, but its like a part of me is dying. i spent alot of time on this server. even though i stopped playing regularly, i often would check the maps and forums to see what everone was up to.

    thanks for the server matt. you did a great job, and ruled better than most could. dont think ill be able to replace the axe, or even care to try.

    how can anyone possibly recover from losing prince and the axe in the same week? isis has won....
  11. maybe we should get a real life picture of matt and aki as a goodbye present so i dont have to picture matt without eyes anymore.
  12. Thank you matt for an amazing 3 years on this server, met some great people on here ill always remember and think of, in the 3 years on here I been through a divorce and lost everything, and whenever I found a way to get on and say hello, I've been apart of amazing things with amazing communities building even better things, I just want to say thankyou for being almost like another family inside the weird game we call minecraft. it will be hard to find a server that comes close to what you build here Matt!!!

    Thanks you Matt, Thank you everyone ive talked too and became friends, and thank you to everyone I pissed off or annoyed because you where also just as amazing and as important!!! love you guys
  13. Damn. I burned out on the game years ago but still enjoyed dropping in late at night to say hi to @RocketTam and whoever else was milling about. Thanks Matt, some great memories and friends from this server. Spruce lives!!
  14. is this what it sounds like when doves cry?
  15. I admit, I haven't been on the server in years. But this caught me off guard for sure. Was just about to get ready to get back into it again and poof, no server. I wish you the best Matt, I understand administrating and maintaining to the degree you have takes a lot of work, and I commend you for it.

    Sad to see the server go. I hope I (and we) can all find somewhere to migrate to, that has the same level as fun as Wooden Axe did.
  16. Tonight I was planning on getting on and clearing my res to let everybody loot what meager possessions I had since I never really come here anymore. Guess not...

    I really did enjoy this place. THE only "adult" server that actually understood what a real adult was. I only regret not knowing about this earlier or I would have liked to log in one last time...

    Thanks for all the fun, and thanks for running such an awesome server.
  17. Aw man, this made me sad. Thanks for the fun times, Matt.
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    Well... This is bullshit, but, thank you tho Matt!
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