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  1. Oh wow....I never had time to come back and play! I'll miss Woodenaxe and my build there. Thank you for the fun everyone.
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    Go now my friend into the west, thank you for moments that will forever have changed me.

    And Thank You

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    Can we delete this thread and pretend like the server is still up so we continue to get applications - even if the server is not up?
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    Classic Luna
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    Yes freind me i have a list of 3 servers all from players on here starting their own and will continue in with some of the members!
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    I personally want to say a big thank you to everyone who ever stayed up late at night talking & playing with me into wee hours seems alot of us met at times of our lives that were difficult. I know at times things were not always easy to get through in our personal lives and Woodenaxe became a safe haven to enjoy and have alot of fun. As woodenaxe grew I met alot of really great and not so great people and got to know them via pms in depths I never knew I would. We as a community went through good, hard and sad times together. So many people, so many memories, unforgettable and touched my heart. Best Admin and Best mc server ever!
    Thank you @Matt and @akicogg for all the Greatness and amazing Christmas builds you did for all of us on here! You will be missed! So many beautiful minecraft couples! I met the love of my life @7ommy9unN3r on here and we are currently engaged thanks to @Matt for this server. Only good things ever came from Woodenaxe! <3
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    DONT FORGET relics trash can pile of blocks we blew up with TNT before world became the new map!!! Fun times never forgot that @rskrules !!! LOL
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    See @mapcratic
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    OMG the pool party that was soooo fun! xo The night we all got woodenaxe mugs though I never did get one lol! The real fun was in the pool party!
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    I am so sorry that so many of you won't be able to watch and admire me anymore. I have played here longer than most of you, seen a lot of people, disliked most of you, but some of you were pretty allright. It was a wild ride, sweet dreams my prince.
  11. I was just thinking about playing today after however long and I find out this happened. Now I am sad.

    Also I never received a mug for building this pool so I wold like everyone to smash theirs in solidarity.

    I await your responses.
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    No way Tam typed all of this. I don't see any typos.
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    A lot is two words. Get some sleep @Mr_Cortus.
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    I feel like my most favorite bar has closed down. No where will I ever find a place again where the beer tastes as good as did here. It's hard to imagine ever finding a place so cozy as woodenaxe to drown our sorrows.

    Thank you for putting up with all our bullshit through the years.
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    holy shit dude! this is the first intelligent thing you've posted... ever!
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    I have had a rather strange gut feeling recently to log on and check out the Woodenaxe Forum and so tonight, before going to bed, I thought I would silence the little voices and get on the forum. I was really sad to see the farewell message from Matt. I think for the entire time I was privileged to be a member I held the distinction of being the oldest member of Woodenaxe at age 64. I was always treated well by all of the adult members and only found one non-adult zipperhead from Sweden that, like a pimple, eventually pops and goes away.
    Thank you Matt for the dedication and many sacrifices that made Woodenaxe possible for so many. I pray for your successes and happinesses to always grace the paths you chose to take and may the memory of them comfort you forever.

    Thank you Sir and God bless.
    Richard Smith from Salt Lake City
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  18. Thank you :)