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  1. LOOK. i NEED this map ASAP... or my addiction wont be fed... then there will be issues. where will said map be posted?
    also. i literally cried cause of how long it took my to find a non shitty server... a year later and its dead... DANGIT.. HOW WILL I FIND A NEW ONE NOW... i cant play with kids again.. i just cant. ILL DIE FIRST! and will i ever get to witness the amazingness of @Lars_Eh trolling ppl who deserve it again?! remember that time taliesynn got owned? cause i sure do.
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    @Matt, does this mean that you Aren't fixing Portal?
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    I joined September 28th of 2013 and thanks to this server I was able to get through a very rough time in my life. With time I overcame crippling depression and was able to make a few good friends. Even though I didn't become the richest on the server (my only goal lol) and I didnt communicate with many people I always had good laughs watching chat and portal. In a way I believe this server had a hand in saving my life about a year back and I'm more than thankful. Thank you @Matt for everything. I'll miss you all!
  4. Thank you @Matt for everything, for the server, the space to have fun, the time you put into making this place be what it was. It was my first MC server when I started playing, but I have to say - I feel lucky to have joined when I did, so that I was able to experience at least part of this woodenaxian awesomeness :)
    Wishing you and everyone all the best! May we meet again! :)
  5. Oh, wow. Just seeing this now.... Thank you Matt, for everything.
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    Thanks @Matt!

    Because of this server I met the love of my life, I got married with him and moved to the US.
    It's been the best time of my life.

    I met many great people over the last 4-5 years on this server, and I will miss them all.

  7. Actually I think your signature describes my reaction more than anything...
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    I just deleted it. But I know what you mean.
    I honestly had no clue how to react on this. There is so many people I want to thank, so many memories I like to share from the last years, but I wouldn't know where to start. Woodenaxe changed my life. Thank you, everyone.
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    Wow... All good things must come to an end I guess. It was kind of obvious for a while now that this was coming, but a part of me still expected it to last forever.

    When I joined 2 years ago this was my first server, and I've only briefly dabbled elsewhere since. It was just so obvious that I had found the right place - and on the first try! I really count myself lucky. Thank you, @Matt and everyone!
  10. Yeah this is true.

    I don't know if I am sad or what yet. I just feel, what am I going to do now?
  11. I told my 7yr old sister that the server was shut down and she was like"dang, I wanted to play on it when I get 18years old".....I was like...yeah I don't think it would've lasted that long anyway lol
  12. RIP.

    Well, the memories have been great and I know I have made plenty of friends, even though I have not been on much over the last 2-3 years since the glorious days of map 2 and 3 except for the occasional derping. If anyone still remembers me and would like to stay in touch, feel free to contact me through the forums for additional ways to stalk, I mean find me.
  13. I really really hate to see this go and am so very grateful to have found it a year ago. I have made friends and gained relationships that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. Thanks for everything and I wish you luck, love, and light.
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    It's a shame ofcourse. I don't remember when I've joined but it's been very fun none the less. I've met some good people, had lots of adventures and lots of laughs, and definitely a few weird moments. The server on the whole was great. Matt was great, you guys were great, the server had a lot of freedom, lots of trouble making to be had and jokes to be shared. I wish you luck with your endeavors matt, and you guys too.
    I hope I can find a server like this in the near future or I'll probably quit Mc for a bit. Lol yesterday I'm playing anno and a tornado tore up my main city.. starting to think this is a sign.
    But ya, if anyone makes or finds a server and you'd like a +1 just holler :).

    It's been fun.. stay classy axers.
  15. January 26, 2014 was when you became a member ;p
  16. Thank you for everything, Matt. In my short time here I thought this was one of the better servers I had tried. See you all around.
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    We worked hard for that mug ;).. good old times.

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    Matt, you should feel very proud of what you've created and accomplished here. You formed this irreplaceable community all out of care and dedication. You listened, played, gave countless nights and weekends, and you brought people together from every corner of the planet all in the name of fun. You impacted 1000's of lives for the better. This thing we have all been apart of will remain with us forever. Thank you Matt.

    Go make some cookies. cookies.jpg