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    Thank you Matt, as far as servers go you've been the best of admins, and i fully understand that life has gotten in the way, cudos for keeping it going as good as it was for that long, sorry for all the drama us roudy bunch have caused in the last year.

    i'll be downloading the world, and cherishing it for all our good times

    as for me my addiction to minecraft cant be quenched, if anyone here has plans to go to another server (except iud's), hit me up on steam and i'll join ya
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    @Matt you bitch! I fake travelled to your house and everything.. These have been 4 years i wouldn't trade for anything.
    I offered to have your babies so many times.. and never a response. You must have incredible restraint <3.
    And to the rest of you Axeholes.. good luck, may all your builds be shitty
  3. This is some sad news. I have been a proud member of woodenaxe for 4 years. I knew eventually it would have to come to an end :(

    There are a lot of people that I have never met in person but I know so much about them because of woodenaxe and I consider them my friends. Almost all of them have moved on and my addiction to the blocks did not allow me to do the same. I have seen waves of players come and go over my 4 years of play time and it really was an experience that will stay with me forever. Happy that I still have my framed woodenaxe shirt on the wall.

    @Matt I have always been impressed by your moderating and administrating skills. You really were an awesome admin. The last few months it was clear you were loosing interest and its a shame the newer players never got to see you in your prime. The way you swung that banhammer was so hot. Only a hand full of ancient players got to hear you speak and see your face, even i'm not one of them. Well I've seen your face but only beccause @akicogg let some stuff slip through on facebook. The fact that you were able to make yourself a mysterious overload added to the fun. Also very respectable how you would not get emotionally involved when shit went down. The work you put into portal was also really cool. Live long and prosper my friend, no wait I can do better then that... May the force be with you!

    Because I'm Mr Andy I always have to talk some business you know what i'm sayin. Would you be willing to hand over The WoodenAxe name to someone else or do you think its better if it started with you and it ends with you? A lot of current players have migrated over to a WoodenAxe spinoff server being hosted by @mapcratic. The Adults need a place to mine and craft and handing over the name will still give people a familier place to go.

    Do the world files include ALL the world files from the beginning of time or just the current ones?
    Also do you have any cool stats to post. like how much money KevynM had?

    For those that want to keep in touch with me....
    my old youtube channel that I have not uploaded to in a super long time Youtube
    Steam: Mr Andy or fnmrandy Edit fnandy - I don't really know how steam works, the username system makes my head hurt
    Good ol facebook

    axeplayers2 small.jpg
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    just have to add the players "account name"
  5. Damn! I agree, best Admin ever, and you've done a sterling job.
    I was looking forward to jumping back in after my University Studying.

    Enjoy the retirement ;)
  6. Well Damn. I haven't been around but I saw this and had to pop in to say thanks. It's been a kick. Thanks for all the years boss, take care out there. I suppose my walking days in woodenaxe are done.

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  8. One year and 8 months. In that time, I've really grown as a builder and to enjoy this community. Plus, I learned some new sex acts, dick jokes, poop jokes and curse words. For that, I will always be grateful, @Matt. Thank you for everything!
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    Well fuck....... ah well * wipes away the tears* Its been one hell of a ride. So many projects, so many wonderfully insane folk to help take my mind off the stress that is work. I'm gonna miss this place but say thank you for everything and for putting up with us (occasionally social and moral) misfits for all these years.

    And to those fine and not so fine folks of the axe I wish you the very best and with luck we'll meet again somewhere.....
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    @Matt - Thank you for hosting a safe space for me to create and make real friends. I joined at a time when I felt socially isolated and needed something cheap to help me kill time. I met people here that have become important to me and, people I genuinely miss if we don't speak for a few days. The time spent building and mining and breaking /me turned out to be so much more valuable than I could have ever expected.

    Take care of yourself, and don't forget to wash your hands.
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    I'm gonna go buy a nice bottle of liquor tomorrow and drink to the Axe. To add to what Tators said, the Wooden Axe got me through a sad time in 2014 with a divorce and a move, and made the evenings a happy time.
  12. For some reason, after over a year, I had the sudden urge to start playing Minecraft again... and now this!

    I've been long-gone, but for a few people here (wtf? I'm not "Xeno" in that picture?) I felt connected with and formed a solid online friendship when I was going through a really rough time in my life. That time was a close to depression as I've ever gotten. But this server - and more specifically the community that Matt sculpted - helped me relieve stress, cheer me on, and even hosted probably one of my most fun times on any computer game so far (running the "Evil King/Castle" quest).

    So, for what it's worth, thank you @Matt , @akicogg , @MR_ANDY , @SgtOctopusi , @SaintxXxAsh , fuck you @Lars_Eh (<3), @Voljub , @erkrystof and everyone else that helped me through hard times with stupid games, trolling, drunken dates, general online harassment, and other fun.

  13. Also I never got any merch, which was once a decision based on personal fiscal responsibility, but is now a decision steeped deeply with regret!
  14. Thank you @Matt for this time in my life, the server was the best and you have good reason to be proud.
    I am proud of having been a part of it.
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    Has been great playing on the server Thanks matt take care we move on
  16. Well crap. Now I'll forever be "that noob" on the Wooden Axe. Thank you to all that made me feel welcome, and kindly helped me out when they could. And most of all: thank you @Matt for hosting this server for as long as you did. It's been a joy to play on.
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  17. [Copied from fb]

    Even though I was banned a couple years ago due to my own drunken ignorance I do miss WoodenAxe and the people I played with. Arwen, Andy, Erk, and so many more. Thanks for the memories, Matt.
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    kev what was the amount of $ u had... cmon buddy cough it up
  19. While this deeply saddens me, I can honestly say I've met some pretty stellar people through this server. Some of which I've met in real life, and will continue to interact with henceforth. Thanks, Matt, for providing us with such a fun platform for communication and creativity. It's been a slice, kids. <3