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    I apologize upfront for how dramatic this post is - but you all know how emotional I can get.

    I know to a lot of you this is just another Minecraft server - one of the thousands out there. But to me, for a significant part of the last 5 years, it's been more than that. During that time it has been a daily routine to monitor the server, check the forums, address any issues, approve new members, and stay aware of what was happening in the community. It's been a source of pride for me to operate this server. I am proud of what you all built on top of this basic infrastructure that I was glad to provide. I mean that both literally and figuratively. Recently, however, I have been unable to maintain that level of quality that I can be proud of. Because of that, I've decided now is the time to shut down the Mincraft server.

    Almost 5 years ago I started this Minecraft server having never played the game or even been a part of an online community like this. This experience of operating a server and community for thousands of members for so many years has been a very interesting, unexpected, and entertaining one. And it's not a stretch to say that it's been life-changing for me personally. I met Denise (@akicogg) on this server almost 4 years ago. Since then she has moved 1700 miles to Texas where we live happily with @Emma. Both of our lives are significantly changed because of this server. I know I'm not alone in saying that.

    When I think back on the 5 years of WoodenAxe, I am most fond of what I witnessed occurring irrespective of the blocky game we were all supposedly here for - it was all of the interactions that I'm grateful to have witnessed. Some of the most insightful, meaningful, and entertaining parts of this weird little experiment were the chats flowing past console in messages and chat parties. What I saw on a regular basis were people, strangers, connecting in a very real and meaningful way. I witnessed relationships starting, friendships developing, several marriages and engagements, more than a few divorces, and sadly a few deaths. I had a unique window onto thousands of interactions that undoubtedly gives me a different perspective on this game, and this server, than probably anyone reading this. But that also means I know how meaningful this community has been to a lot of you. It's difficult for me to end something that has been so significant in my life, but I think now is the right time.

    I truly am thankful and grateful to everyone that has spent their time here over the years. For all of the amazing builds, contraptions, and collaborations. The portal parties, micro builds, and guest hazings. The inside jokes and memes. This weird little community that we all feel a part of. Thank you for creating it and letting me witness it from my perch.
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    I will be posting an archive of the world files in the coming days. It currently clocks in at around 87gb. It will be made available under a Creative Commons license.

    The forum, website, wiki will remain up indefinitely.

    edit: world download is here
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  3. Thanks Matt, it's been awesome and fun playing Minecraft with 'adults'... :)
  4. Thanks Matt. Be well.
  5. We'll miss you @Matt & @akicogg. It feels like I've been here since the dawn of time. Hopefully in some time you both can come back in a user capacity with a bit less stress and more beer. My Woodenaxe mug you sent me just won't be the same again. It's a collectable now. :p

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  6. @Matt , I hope you experience everything real life has to offer you, and I wish you, @akicogg , and @Emma all the best going forward.

    Take care of yourself and your family.

    Thanks for all the time and effort you put into WA over the last several years.

  7. Although I was not here long, the Axe has made an impression on me and put me with some solid people. Wherever life adventures take you all, I hope it is a happy and wondrous adventure.
  8. Thanks Matt, it was a good one!
  9. Miyamotoo


    This was an awesome ride here on WoodenAxe @Matt
    Thanks for the time and place you gave us! Will miss it.
    Best to you and family.


  10. I never knew you, I only knew the absence of you so my experience was different then most here, but you created was what i was looking for, I'm sad it took me so long to find it. Still, I became a supporter because it seemed to be a cool place and it was.
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    Thanks Matt for everything. Wooden Axe has been a legendary Minecraft server and brought a lot of great people together. This was in no small part due to your vision and the work that went into building it up. Thanks again, and we will definitely miss this place.
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  12. Thanks for the great server Matt, I will miss this place very much.
  13. *tips his hat*

    Sad to see it go as had only really dug my teeth in properly the last few weeks.

    Strangely, I think I was on just as the server went offline. I logged in, fired up my storage system that'd I'd finally finished and watched it shutter open with pride.

    And then bump. Disconnect, the lights went off for the final time.

    Aurevoir WoodenAxe, I barely knew you.
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    Wow. The tribute to you went up right in the nick of time. Thanks for everything! It was a great experience.
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    Thank you for creating a server that made me fall in love with a minecraft community. Thank you everyone for the memories! Especially the portal parties, which I can only find one picture from >.< [​IMG]
  16. I came to play Minecraft. I stayed because of the people. A huge shout out to all the folks in this amazing community, and to @Matt for making it possible.
  17. No words... Should have sent a poet...
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    Cheers to the best admin, hands down. Thanks for being awesome!
  19. Voljub


    EDIT: (Because I suck at spur of the moment emotional posting) Normally, I don't delete or cut out sections of posts that I later edit, but this one was an incoherent mess of a post. Now that I've had some time to think on it (and drink heavily) I can better articulate my impressions.

    I have got a lot of really good memories tied to this community. And unfortunately I don't have any pre-made sarcasm about the possibility of it all coming to an end. In four years time I have made so many great friends here that I could have never met out in the real world, but by all means are still real friends.

    I joined the server 4 years ago. I remember browsing facebook and spotting an ad on the sidebar for an all adults casual minecraft server.
    I remember joining for the first time and everyone who was online at the time was questing me about how old I was, because my birth date didn't sound right to match my age (That's right, I was on the receiving end of that at one time).
    One of the first conversations I remember logging into mumble and hearing was something about a kid REALLY wanting to join, and had used his mothers credit card to make donations to the server in an attempt to buy his way in (Not sure if we still have the recording of that floating around).
    I remember the player riding plugin we had for maybe a week, @Lars_Eh was jumping from person to person around spawn for a wile.
    I remember joining the new map (now the old map... Relic I think we call it now? I donno...) and running north to build, all the wile @Cupohnoodle was hanging out in a nearby tree shooting arrows all around me as I build. He eventually jumped down to help, and we captured a spider whom we named George.

    Spruce, The StonePick, The Bomberman Arena, Spawning giant zombies flying on bats at the spleef arena, Asking Lars to hold my meat as I explored his hot box, The first WA Christmas tree next to spawn, The first night @Matt turned the server to hard mode, Being the priest at @MissMijo and @General_Rookie 's MC mock wedding,
    For most people that all sounds like shit I just made up, but for the people who were there... For me... These are things that made the game worth playing. These and the people, are why I keep coming back. Why I will continue to come back.

    So with all that said... Wile the map itself may be gone, the community that sprung up around it will be sticking around for a long time.
    I've no doubt that our many circles have ways to keep in touch outside of MineCraft, or will simply be shifting servers. But, anyone who feels like contacting me outside these forums can reach me at the following links.
    and of coarse you can find me at...
    If it takes me a wile to accept friend requests it might be I just don't recognize your name, in that case just send me a PM here and I'll add you.

    And finally, thank you @Matt for holding things together for this long. I can only imagine the things you have seen in your position. Watching the server drama unfold in real time, or the fallout from a few of the legendary threads here must have been a riot. Anyway, good luck to you and @akicogg and I hope to play some video games with you all soon.

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    Well, what to say... I just wanna cry. Tears of sadness, and happiness. The sadness to the end of an epic server, and the end of an amazing admin (but OMG the relief you must be experiencing..... I truly hope akicogg reaps the rewards for this!!!)
    Tears of joy for all the wonderful people we have met here. Like Dale said, "came to play Minecraft, stayed for the people".

    Though woodenaxe is ending, the game lives on.... (well.. till they fix all the fuck ups they created in 1.9).... just sayin