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Discussion in 'Help and HOWTOs' started by Matt, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. we all turned grey today zane, some who have payed some who have not.
  2. Matt

    Matt Owner

    You're all set now!

    Ya, I hadn't been keeping up on expiring people. Should be all caught up now....
  3. KevynM

    KevynM Supporter

    Im still grey Matt can you look into it thanks
    I sent another donation just incase
    via pay pal
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  4. Zane_the_Blaze13

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  5. Help I'm gray and the tp timers are killing me....
  6. PastaNinja

    PastaNinja Supporter

    Goddamn it @Matt , I can't quit you. Blue me!
  7. PastaNinja

    PastaNinja Supporter

    Well, that was quick. That Supreme Overlard

  8. Hi Matt,
    I re-upped via Paypal - two payments on 11/6. Thanks for all you do to keep the server going.
  9. Sporkdom

    Sporkdom Supporter

    Hey @Matt ... Just sent in my first born... I mean payment..

  10. HI @Matt , if I do the $20 donation, once that month is over, do I lose being able to build beyond the border? I don't want to do that, build and have it all disappear if I can't meet the $5 a month at some stage.
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  11. Tibal

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    Once you've donated the initial $20, your 2 homes, 5 residences (300 x 300 max vs 100 x 100 for members) and your ability to go everywhere in the server, including beyond the member boarder, will remain for as long as Matt decides he wants to offer that perk.

    The $5 re-upping is so that you can access other servers Matt may have running and can instantly /home. Non-active supporters have to wait 3 seconds when using the /home command and can't use it again for 30 seconds after its use. If sightseer mode was also working, that would be a perk of being an active supporter.
  12. Thank you Tibal, much appreciated :D
  13. Where can I read about the residences? I am not sure I understand that part.:rolleyes:
  14. Here's a page on the wiki:
    And a video:

    There may be better resources out there, but these were helpful to me when I was learning how to use it. There are some folks who know it well enough and may be able to help you in game too.
  15. Thank you
  16. Just did my first subscrption, looking forward to continued adventures :D
  17. @Matt Please whitelist me I updated my donation status. Thank you!