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Discussion in 'Help and HOWTOs' started by Matt, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. I think pay pal is an option but I just use the Dwolla option. Not that it matters because I still cant do anything on zune! =(
  2. I just don't know how I feel about putting bank info online. I only use PayPal for online purchases.

    Anyone have a link to the PayPal option?
  3. Because portal is down I don't think paypal works. Or its somwthing matt has been qorking on. Been waiting on that option as well.
  4. Hey @Matt ,

    Donated a few days ago via Paypal - Any chance at updating my status?

    Thanks! :)
  5. Please? :-D
  6. donated through paypal yesterday. any chance of getting supporter status so I can cross the border? Thanks!
  7. I donated recently, i'd like to get onto zune but says i'm not a supporter. i assume you need to make a manual entry for it huh? anyway, great worka s always, thanks for all. ^_^
  8. WTFbeccca

    WTFbeccca Supporter

    I donated about 2 weeks ago and still haven't gotten my supporter status back. Portal pls work again!
  9. Just paid to be a supporter. How long does it take before it's activated please? Also, if I want to pay the $5 a month for keeping starred items. do I have to make a manual payment every month? Thanks.
  10. Matt

    Matt Owner

    Thanks! You're all set now. The recurring $5/month is manual at the moment...
  11. So...noticed BTC's are accepted. So if you are a qoinpro user let me know if we can do some swapping on the other coins. Assuming I meet the minimal requirement for transferring we can work something out :D
  12. Matt

    Matt Owner

    Not sure what qoinpro is, but I've got some Ripple I'd happily trade for BTC
  13. Hi Matt, I went on supporter partly for the fly option, now I'm told it doesn't work! Any idea when it will be?
  14. Matt

    Matt Owner

    Unfortunately, Sightseer mode probably won't be coming back. It was a custom plugin that I'm not maintaining anymore. Let me know if you want to go back to being a non-supporter member.
  15. No, it's okay, there are other perks, too, and it's worth it for being able to use WoodenAxe. Thanks.
  16. Hey @Matt not sure what the procedure is nowadays, but I re-upped on my supporter via paypal. I know you're busy, just wanted to put it on your radar.

  17. Hi @Matt, I made my first-time supporter payment (via PayPal) and look forward to no longer seeing [member] next to my name. :D Thanks for all you do to keep this server awesome.
  18. Supersnaketate

    Supersnaketate Supporter

    Welcome to the world of no tp timers
  19. Zane_the_Blaze13

    Zane_the_Blaze13 Supporter

    Hello @Matt! I donated as well, Paypal, but can't get on Zune. How long does it take to register? Any assist would be appreciated. Thx!