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    I think the perks I've come up with are fair and do not give supporters any particular advantage over other players, they only make the experience better for them. Because I know everybody can't contribute even if they want to, I want to keep this rank as fair as possible but still give incentive to want it and to thank people for supporting this server...

    For a one-time contribution of $20:
    • 5 residences of 300x300 in size (members only have 1 of size 100x100)
    • multiple /sethomes (2 of them)
    • access to the extended world border (10,000 blocks beyond the member border)
    • ability to wear any block on your head with /hat :p
    • see where in the world players are connecting on from (geoip)
    • in-game Supporter title
    • *no /home /spawn /tpa time limits (usually 30 seconds between teleport)
    • *access to the vanilla server (
    • *access to random servers that we occasionally have (Origin, Skyblock, Etc.)
    * = good for 1 month .. you can keep these going for a recurring $5/month

    Contribute Here!
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  2. Frari

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    Re: New Donator Rank

    A past server I was on granted different kits based on donor rank. You could use a kit once every 1/2 hour or hour, and kits included included things like glass kit (64 glass), tool kit (diamond tools), torches (64 torches) etc. Depending on how much you donated would determine what kits you could use.

    My own opinion on these was meh, they were useful to have but took a little away from the game as you didn't have to work as hard. I only mention these as they seemed successful in getting people to donate.
  3. Matt

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    Re: New Donator Rank

    ya, that' why I don't like spawning things (that includes kits) It just takes away from the game rather than adding to it, imo. So i'de rather get people to donate for other incentives.
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  4. Re: New Donator Rank

    How would I go about doing this, and what would be the best way to vett people? Further, if I vote someone on, and they turn out to be a griefer, is there anything I can do to fix the issue?

    o_O What's this?
  5. Matt

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    Re: New Donator Rank

    I'm working on the voting plugin.. it's sort of buggy. will be posted about shortly :-D We're pretty excited about it though.
  6. Re: New Donator Rank

    Go to sleeeeeeeeep!
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  7. So i can donate $20 and not need to donate again to ceep my donation status?
  8. Matt

    Matt Owner

    right, for the un-starred items.
  9. I can donate witha pre pay'd vesa right?
  10. Matt

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    you should be able to enter it as a normal credit card using the paypal option. just look for the link to skip logging in to paypal and pay directly with a card. If this doesn't work or you can't find it, let me know and i can give you a secure form to pay directly with the card.
  11. So, what's up with
  12. Matt

    Matt Owner

    pretty much a stalled project...
  13. What was it going to be? If there's anything I could help out with..?
  14. Just donated! :D Great server you got Matt, love playing here.
  15. I have a suggestion, but I don't know if you're open to this,

    What do you think of a projectile weapon mod for Donators? ie. Gun blueprints, ammunition blueprints, etc.
  16. I don't know if I would want to see many mods like this added unless we start losing interest in what is working so far.

    I haven't played with a gun mod, but it sounds cool to me because I was wanting Mojang to implement it initially with having gun powder and iron. Is it a stable mod? Maybe after a while we could vote to see it used here if it doesn't break the server or something.
  17. I am sure I am not alone, but I was wondering where my donator perks went? :p
  18. Matt

    Matt Owner

    I haven't added the rank for one-time donator yet.. it's coming very soon.
  19. Heya I have just donated.. I didn't realise donator's got perks so then I read this thread afterwards and I have now donated again to make up the $20!

    Also if there is any way I can help out please let me know.. I am a IT Consultant/Technician and work with servers everyday. I have also been a voluntary GM in a popular MMO.

    All the best,

  20. "I haven't added the rank for one-time donator yet.. it's coming very soon."

    *Jeapordy theme song*