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  1. Hey! i'm Fabien, 30 years old from Quebec Canada, been enjoying minecraft for a while now, I found this server on google, I know it says no longer accepting players... I really hope you guys make exceptions! I'm looking for a free build server, making small to big projects alone and with other people, perhaps chat on Teamspeak or what ever you guys use, i'm really easygoing and I get along with everybody.

    Hope I hear from you soon!


  2. Humm just read the owners note... thats sad, I was all hyped to find a very interesting server to play on..
  3. It was....
  4. Voljub


    The Woodenaxe has a spiritual successor in the "Intersnout" server, it's where most of the community shifted to after the darkest day. It abides by most of the same guidelines and rules (Mainly the 18+ one)
    You can apply there at
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  6. You can also go to They have a standard server running 1.10 and a modded server with a custom made pack using the technic launcher
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