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    Server Rules
    Breaking these rules will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
    • No Griefing - Breaking or placing blocks within another players clearly defined area is strictly prohibited. This is true even in PvP.
    • No Client Mods/Exploits - Client modifications or exploits to the game are not allowed. (flying, speed, xray, item duplication etc.)
    • No Advertising/Spam - No advertising servers/websites/mods in the chat or filling the chat with repeated messages.
    • Common sense - This is a game, be respectful, have fun, don't rage, don't harass people, etc.
    PvP Rules
    The world is divided in half. East of spawn is non-PvP. West of spawn is PvP allowed. You still cannot spawn camp or grief anywhere. If you kill a player on the east you are responsible for returning their inventory even if you lost it. Any repeated killing of players on the east will be considered harassing and you will be banned.

    These are some general guidelines we have come to expect as a community. They generally do not result in an immediate ban and are instead resolved on a case-by-case basis.
    • Don't AFK for extended periods of time. This takes up server resources and breaks mob spawning for everyone else in the world. If you aren't actively playing the game then log out. Attempting to get around AFK timers with minecarts or boats will result in a kick and/or a ban.
    • Don't run high-frequency clocks. Again, this takes up server resources and causes others to lag. If you need a clock make sure it's running at a reasonably slow tick rate to avoid annoying everyone else.
    • Keep farms and mob grinders to sane levels. Same as with AFKing and clocks, large amounts of mobs/animals causes lag for everyone on the server. 50 mobs/animals equals one player as far as server resources. So for each 50 mobs, that's 1 less person that can join the server.
    • Ask Before Building in a Town - Anyone can create a "town" by clearly defining a boundary (walls, fences, a valley, etc.). It is a good idea to ask the originator if it's ok to build in/near their area.
    I found an unlocked chest. Can I loot it?
    Yes. Locking chests is trivial. You can create a [Private] sign or claim a residence. As a result, there shouldn't be any unlocked chests and there's no excuse to not have yours locked. So looting one is not against the rules. Lock your stuff! Note: while looting an unlocked chest is allowed, you can not break a structure to get to it. That would be griefing. You can only open an unlocked door or find one in the open.

    Someone killed my animals, can they be banned?
    No, killing animals is preventable, not loggable, and therefore not bannable. You can protect your farms by making sure there are walls and a roof so that a person would have to break a block to get in. You can also res the farm area and disabled the "butcher" flag (/res set butcher false) to prevent killing of animals.

    So-and-so is being rude and vulgar, can't they be banned for harassment?
    No. Anyone has the ability to /ignore any other players or to simply choose to not be offended by what they're saying. Words are not a bannable offence.

    These are some examples of what IS considered harassment and can be bannable.
    • Spamming a player with /tpa requests or private messages
    • Following a player and standing in their way to prevent them from building
    • Creating a residence or private signs within somebody else's building.
    • Repeated killing on the east
    Can you kill somebody in their house?
    Yes. But there are a couple conditions
    • You cannot camp their spawn location, which is usually their house.
    • You cannot destroy blocks of their house to gain entry.
    I teleported to someones residence and fell into a trap. They should be banned.
    This isn't a question. But also, this isn't against the rules. If you teleport to someones residence there is no guarantee that it will be in a safe location. It is your responsibility to only teleport to people/places that you trust. If you type something incorrectly and die as a result, there's no remediation. You can of course ask the owner of the residence if they could return the items, but there is no requirement to do so.

    There is also a Getting Started Guide with important and useful information.
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