Restarting Wooden Axe?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by bullingju0, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. bullingju0


    So I think we have all suffered long enough. Let's go ahead and hijack this shit. Ill pay for it, just need experts on doing everything else. Who is in?
  2. NchantedHoe

    NchantedHoe Supporter

    I used to kinda know this guy... not personally, just via the interwebs (slightly - he was mostly lurking in the shadows).

    Probably one of the only "experts" I could recommend for this. I think his playername was M*something* .

    Daym my mind is foggy these days, and I haven't had much wine lately either!! :p
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  3. fiskit_says

    fiskit_says Supporter

    nothing else '@Matt'ers
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  4. RocketTam

    RocketTam Supporter

    Fossils from the Good Ole days ... Think there was a graveyard on Wooden Axe with grave plots @Matt was never buried in the tomb unfortunately he became ashes ....just dust in the wind :(