Residence Showcase 2013

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  1. Supersnaketate

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    Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the new form of a supporter only spawn space!
    Residence showcase.

    /res tp showcase

    How it works: supporters are eligible for one residence showcase plot, this is where they themselves must build a "recreation"* of their best chosen res** in the designated space provided. Only 12 plots, no more will be added.

    * Recreation size may vary due to what can be fitted into your plot.
    ** If you can fit more than one recreation into your plot feel free to do so.

    There are new rules and conditions that will be in place to prevent the waste of valuable land, they are as follows:
    • Be an active supporter. If grey, you'll be voted off the island to make room for active supports.
    • You must build. You cannot leave an empty plot under your name or have minuscule block placement on the plot, doing so for more than one week will result in your removal.*
    • Recreate your chosen res. What we are aiming at is a showcase of major residences so that players will see what interesting builds have been made in this world.
    • Minimal redstone clocks and animal spawning. Both these have been known to cause server lag, we want a lag free environment around spawn.
    • Keep signs and item frames to a minimum. More lag related things, this time they are client based.
    @Matt is the only one who can give you perms, this doesn't mean you can bug him about not being given them straight away, if you are permitted a plot then be patient he'll get round to adding your perms, maybe remind him in a couple days if you still haven't got perms.

    when you reply, provide the name of the res that you will be showcasing and the plot you want (if there are empty plots)

    *Your week starts from when Matt gives you build perms, that may not be when you are originally permitted the plot.

    PLOTS: 28W x 28L Hight: Bedrock - Y125

    1 @ConvictedFelon
    2 @GHill
    3 @Voljub
    4 @General_Rookie / @MissMijo
    5 @JackHair
    6 @Jolor
    7 @zarlormercenary
    8 @zombiexm
    9 @Amelyth
    10 @Anubis_Anpu
    11 @Mr_Cortus / @kireinafujin
    12 @nycpixie
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  2. ConvictedFelon

    ConvictedFelon Supporter

    I'd like a showcase. Either 1 or 8 please. My res "Jail". It will be the clay build with a 4 x 4 redstone door like the one on the east side of my Jail res. Inside I will do an auto brewing station or move my dragon egg display there.

    May as well take 1 since I am the first reply. Thanks.
  3. zombiexm

    zombiexm Supporter

    I'd like to show case.
    I'd like number 8, 2 , or 7 Prefurabley number 8 :]

    I'm thinking of a water fountain in theme of my shop res "ocean" as I dont see a way to make that "under water" theme with marble.
    Maybe class buttom to see whater above? rolls eyes thats dumb
    but Ill make it look pretty :]
  4. I'll take number 2.
    The name of the res i will be showcasing is /res xxx
    And no, it is not a porn reference, just a placeholder till I find a better name for the res I am making.
  5. And if 2 is taken I will take 4.
  6. JackHair

    JackHair Supporter

    Plot 5 my good sir.

    I plan on recreating my swag island in miniature form.
  7. General_Rookie

    General_Rookie Supporter

    Mijo and I request a plot......
  8. Supersnaketate

    Supersnaketate Supporter

    for what?
  9. CaptLou

    CaptLou Supporter

    Cleveland Steamer?
    Ohhhhh.... not "plop". I misread.
  10. zombiexm

    zombiexm Supporter

  11. Matt

    Matt Owner

    Everyone that has requested a plot should have permissions now.
  12. I do not have perms
  13. _Crabwich_

    _Crabwich_ Supporter

    This is so awful..... why am I laughing?
  14. Voljub


    I'd like Plot#3, And I'll be showing off Oak.
  15. Matt

    Matt Owner

  16. General_Rookie

    General_Rookie Supporter

    Not sure how low we can go. I'd like to have my build recessed in the ground (10 blocks maybe). This would model the res I'd like to showcase.
  17. Hey Matt, would it be ok if I switched from plot 2 to plot 6? I was going to build a large skyscraper type build and decided it would not look good that close to bank, and would look nice nearby snake's towers.

    Plus its always nice to be that close to all that #swag
  18. Supersnaketate

    Supersnaketate Supporter

    for this im allowing any depth, you can go as deep as bed rock, but for height im thinking only a height of 70 blocks

    if matts ok with that its cool.

    @zarlormercenary - enderman
    @GHill - kfc
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  19. When its convenient for you Matt could i get the height of my showcase extended to y125? Thats as high as im going and i cant build any higher than when im standing on y118