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  1. So I've been waiting for supporter status to get my log cabin complex res'd. I just got supporter yesterday and tried res'ing this morning, but it's telling me someone res'd the area already as yardsale and Acaponi.

    I checked /res info before I started building and there was nothing. Either I missed the res somehow (if they already existed) or someone res'd as I was building.

    Not sure what to do. I've built up a good sized log cabin complex in the past few days, and I'd hate to lose all that hard work.

    The coords are around 14770,65,3680. There was absolutely NOTHING on the island when I started.
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    Couldn't see coords in last one. Sorry. New to all this stuff.
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    I own res tp yardsale, and the area is all walled off and fairly small, Im not sure why it would block your residence?

    In any event, I can log in and reduce/remove my res all together if you need me to.
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    I just looked up your spot on the livemap, and it's no where near me. Must be some kind of an error, there's no way my res is 10k blocks diagonally :p

  5. [email protected]!! :D
  6. No, don't delete. There's nothing near me. I think it might just be some kind of glitch. Crazy computers. :)
  7. I got it to work finally! Not really sure what was happening before, but we're good now. It worked after I completely closed everything and restarted.
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