Preferences for Armor Protection. VOTE NOW!

Discussion in 'World' started by MR_ANDY, Apr 6, 2016.


What type of protection do you use?

  1. Normal Protection

  2. Fire Protection

  3. Blast Protection

  4. Projectile Protection

  1. I need to get some user feedback on this so I know what to use on my enchanted gear at walmart. Normally I put normal protection on helmet, chest and leggings then fire protection on the boots.
  2. Supersnaketate

    Supersnaketate Supporter

    i like projectile the best, fukn skeles

    also did you know in 1.9.2 diamond armor gets a bit of a buff because it was technically not that much better then iron
  3. I guess it depends on what you are doing? If you are spending time in the nether, that set should be fire, right? other then that projectile.
  4. GreyMantle


    Normal protection covers all the bases: projectile, blast, fire. Good for daily ware when you might run into a bit of any/everything.

    The other three are specialist armor. And who has time to specialize on Minecraft?

    Just get Mend and Unbreaking III on all of it! (Or sell books for Mend and Unbreaking III to supplement them.)

    Shields: They missed the mark on using banners to decorate a shield.

    Why not let us craft skins in game or apply skins or banners to the armor pieces.

    @MR_ANDY you are a big retailor with Walmart, can't you press your influence on Mojang and sell armor with custom paint?

  5. I like projectile and blast best. I die a lot from skelly's and creepers. :/
  6. Sporkdom

    Sporkdom Supporter

    Who uses protection? sheesh! I kid... I use the lubricated and ribbed for he..... OHHHH armor!

    My bad... just normal regular stuff.
  7. What I have learned is that people actually use projectile protection. I assumed projectile and also blast protection were rarely used but I guess people like chillin with skellys and creepers. I will just leave the protection upgrade off of the armor and let you people do the rest.