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    @oranse, @Wolfegger, @RMutt, @junglemason, @Goldman_dk, @DiscourseMarker, @Paulrm85, @knodding, @harald74:

    Since Porkton still appears to be active, mostly on the outskirts, I wanted to go ahead and post a general plan for development this winter:


    I've drawn on proposed roads. This is a highly urbanized build, so I intend for it to have all the trappings of a real city: sprawl, car culture, and good & bad parts of town.

    Probably what's most important is to get input on whether the streets shown would come too close to your builds, Nelg and @Wolfegger. I'd like to eventually bring one avenue southward through your area, but I'm not sure where. It's not a high priority though since it may be awhile before it gets done. Right now I'm mostly working on the government complex and probably won't get streets added anytime soon.

    New players: You are INVITED to build in Porkton and even make it your home. Inside or outside the city walls are fine. You don't have to get permission to build. As long as the space is empty, go right ahead. There is no minimum distance from other players.

    Suggested idea for builds:
    * Multistory Hilton hotel, preferably south or northwest of the government complex
    * Chain restaurants, somewhere in the IKEA area, like an Olive Garden or Outback
    * Government offices on north side of government complex, like an NSA building or mini-Pentagon (or a full one north of the complex)
    * Ugly factories. A city has to have an industrial area. I guess the best place for this is on the large lots between the airport and city.
    * A ghetto, maybe with high-rise apartments (anyone want to build the Pruitt-Igoe projects?)

    At some point I may separate the roads from the loop freeway and use only bridges, trenched freeways, and interchanges instead of at-grade crossings. A good example of this is the southernmost tip of the loop where you can see a small interchange. If anyone wants to take that on, that's fine with me.
  2. I do wish to leave a bit of space around my house, it's why I didn't build exactly inside the city.

    I can mark a border with fence if you like, but maybe we could expand east or west first. Or make the swamp area into a park, the landscape would be suitable for a Chinese garden.
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    I would love to see a suburbia with tract housing etc. I think North Side is best for this, but I don't know if there is a big enough unclaimed area.
    You should mark a border around what you want to keep. I doubt Mapcratic will have complete control over what people do when they move into the area.
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    If you want to go for a little bit of realism, try to put the factories right by the swamp water.
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    Sounds good about the factories.. I was trying to keep them away from Nelg & Wolfeggers builds, but they could go on the east side near the suspension bridge.

    As far as tract housing, there actually is a lot of open area on the north side, so it wouldn't be a problem there.
  6. @mapcratic Crap, I didn't notice the framework-sign at UN. I kinda went and continued the balcony as it had been on the long wall... Sorry if it generates more work and clearing.
    I also finished the black glass fa├žade as it had been on the long wall, except some columns that weren't alike, and I was unsure if you had planned something else for them.
    Should the whole bottom floor be level? I could start clearing and filling that.
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    Hi Nelg, no, that balcony is in its final state, so all the work you did is good. I probably should have taken the sign down.

    The bottom floor will be level and will have offices and a large atrium. I guess it can all be smoothstone and I'll carpet it later.
  8. I don't have any problems with your plans. Porkton will rival all!
  9. On 1.7 New Porkalypse we made some interconnecting canals and waterways. I wonder if Porkton could accomodate such a thing. There is a lot of water near my place.
  10. Hi,

    I love the new Porkton, and everything that is going up. I hadn't been reading the forums though and am just now finding this discussion. I think a bit of planning is a good thing.

    I also just happened to start building a factory the other day, unaware of any discussion of zones. I have actually started it near the swamp & bridge - mainly because of a small waterfall that would be used to "power" the 1850's style anvil factory. I have seen dozens of these old buildings in New England and wanted to build one, plus the swamp reminds me of the Meadowlands industrial area on the edge of New York. I had built Swamp Road, running out from the city (near the base of the bridge) with building old brick factories in mind. I hope no one minds.

    ( BTW.... the real world NJ Ikea is also right next to Newark International Airport!)
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  11. Hi everybody! So I haven't played Minecraft in months (bought a house, renovated the house, moved in, started a new job), but I was reading about Minecraft in education today and thought...I wonder what has been happening over on Wooden Axe. Excited to see the development in Porkton. Maybe I'll have time to log in this weekend and catch up on the new developments. I wonder if my animals and villagers are still alive...
  12. Hellz. Yes.