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  1. Matt

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    This server is currently offline until the plugin is updated, which may be indefinitely.


    I've added a new server to the WoodenAxe line-up. This server is completely separate from the current one (ie. no inventory transfer). I'm calling it the "Origin" server. Why? No idea.

    The Highlights:
    • Random initial spawn point. Everyone spawns randomly in a 15,000 x 15,000 area.
    • No world border.
    • No teleporting. (No /home, /spawn, or /tpa). You only respsawn at your bed when you die.
    • No live map.
    • No global chat. (local chat reaches in a 1000 block radius)
    • No economy. (no currency or shops)
    • No protections. (no lockette and no residence)
    • PvP is allowed everywhere
    • The world is on Extra Hard Mode. (click here for a list of what that means)
    • It is available only to active supporters.
    The Rules:
    Breaking these rules will result in an immediate and permenant ban from the Origin server. It will not result in a ban from WoodenAxe and it will not be reported to mcbans.
    1. No permanent damage to other players structures. If you break blocks of another players structure you must replace them. Using TNT or fire to destroys someones structure is not allowed. Building within someones clearly defined area is not allowed, this inclues building on top of someones house or encasing it in blocks/water/lava. Leading creepers into someones area is allowed and you do not have to replace the blocks.
    2. No AFKing. If you're logged in, you need to be actively playing the game. Idling or attempting to circumvent idle checks is not allowed. the AFK timeout is 10 minutes.
    3. No spawn camping. PvP is allowed but you cannot kill sombody more than three times within a 20 block radius of their spawn point within a reasonable amount of time.
    4. No client mods. Same rules as WoodenAxe.
    The Server Address:
    - or -
    type "/server origin" on woodenaxe
    you can type "/server world" to go back to the normal server from origin
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  2. oooo.... let the games begin!
  3. Matt

    Matt Owner

    pro-tip #1: hide/protect your bed. If a creeper blows it up or someone destroys it then you'll never get back home.
  4. checked it out, seems sweet. too bad i lost that piece of bedrock you left Matt haha.
  5. Lars_Eh

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    You're going down RSK
  6. siamko

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    this is going to be EPIC!
  7. You have to find me first. I already have gold armor and a diamond sword.
  8. Lars_Eh

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    You know very well that armor and swords mean fuck all. I allready have gotten my hands on some weapons of mass destruction, courtesy of my boys down in Iran. As soon as I have your coordinates, you will be toast.
    And I'm not talking about the english kind.
  9. General_Rookie

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    Tip #2 - keep all your valuables in your inventory when you log out. Chest looting is allowed.

    Thanks Matt, this server is awesome!
  10. mikej1592

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    you can always build around your chest, ie. put a block on top as breaking another players blocks is not allowed. If I am interpreting the rules correctly, this is truely old school rules. I will check it out later seems fun.
  11. is this server going to be around forever or as long as woodenaxe is around?
  12. Voljub


    French toast is pretty fucking good.
  13. Matt

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  14. MissMijo

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  15. Enjoying the new server! Good idea :)
  16. Oh, I'm there :)
  17. awesome! Luckily I was up early today and was able to sign in and build a bunker and find a village without having to run for my life :)
  18. I like it a lot!
  19. Actually, you can break other player's blocks.. you just have to replace them..
  20. Global chat would be nice as I feel so aloan.