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  1. Hey guys my names Andre. I'm 21.
    Minecraft Name: koalakao
    Found this server googling for "adult mine craft servers".
    Just looking for a laid back vanilla community where there are people around doing there thing.
    I'm from "Boston" going to Umass Boston for IT.
    Laid back usually a little stoned.
    Accept me, till then I'll be in this box...
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  2. lol Why the "" for Boston? You're not from Boston, are you?
  3. Somerville. I can see the skyline from my window so it just feels right to say Boston to strangahs
  4. Closer to Boston than most people. You're excused ;). Someone else from your area just applied/got accepted.
  5. Yeah I had read someone else was from the area looking through the forum a bit. What are people's Impressions of Boston + Boston Area? [​IMG]
  6. Solid Bump
  7. As a person over sea I dont know much about Boston besides there was once a revolutionary war going on. The more I know about Solid snake with his Box. Epic times..