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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Onur, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. I'd like to join the server. That 'guest' next to my name is getting annoying. :)
  2. Why can't kids just be kids? Why are y'all all in a hurry to be a fucking adult? ENJOY YOUR CHILDHOOD CUZ BEING AN ADULT IS SHITTY MOST OF THE TIME
  3. Hi I'm 18 been looking to join an adult server for a while glad I find this one , the guys in the server told me to apply :)
  4. Oh ok thx for the advice
  5. @Sporkdom bruh doesn't know if it's an 18+ server yet, he needs your help
  6. May I direct your attention to my new member application?
  7. May i direct your attention to
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    This is an 18+ server

  11. No, if you're under 18, you will not be approved to play on this server.

    Sorry, there are no exceptions., please go away....
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    @Onur We have since changed our rules and this is now a server that accepts people under 18 as long as they can prove they will be 18 some day. We welcome a renewed desire to join the server.
  13. Yeah, I'd be happy to join! I can assure you I will be 18 some day.
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    You will need to prove it. Also, do you know anyone on the server?
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  15. And I had my hopes up...Yeah, I've been on the server alot! Your proof: Time passes and I'm too young to die.
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    But you don't know anyone from here from other servers you've played on? Can you not prove that you will someday be 18?
  17. Nope, only from this server. Yes, I can prove that I will someday be 18 because time does pass, and I probably won't be mortalized between now and then. If you're doing this just to mess with me that's pathetic.
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    "and there are some members under 18, too." Who?
  19. I can't remember the name, it's been so long, but he said he was 12 years old, far below the 18 year old requirement. Btw, it's no use wasting my time on this thread while I'll prolly never get accepted to the server.