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    1. The observatory on the hill came out a little bigger than I had planned. If anyone wants to tear it down and put materials in a protected chest I'd appreciate it, and it will help the new observatory go up faster. I might shoot for 24 instead of 34 blocks wide. As a reward I'll let you have leftover brick and throw in $500 for beer money.

    2. Plots outside the gridded town streets don't need to be 15x15 and doesn't necessarily have to be nautical themed. If anyone wants to put their permanent base around there, they're welcome. The only requirement is no lag since it's a community space, so no elaborate redstone circuits running all the time, autosorters, etc, etc.

    3. Do we need a permanent town name besides East City? A couple of people have asked this, and it's a good idea.
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  2. I thought the size was perfect, and you shouldn't change it.

    there are beds available in the B&B! if beds actually mattered.

    Yes, and I think a contest is in order for the name!
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    Well I was thinking it was too big and spent most of Thursday contemplating whether to rebuild it. It kind of dominates the town on the livemap. Then last night Snake said something about the size, without me even bringing it up. So I would like to redo it on a smaller scale to fit the town.
  4. Not sure if you made it smaller, but it looks like a good size. Alternatively, you can thin the base of the structure and not so much the dome/Observatory part to slim it. I think it needs to look big. Where I grew up, we had one, on a hill over looking the bay. It was huge and everyone knew where it was.

    Also, I put up some maps of the area. If the item frames are too laggy, just take it down, just please leave me the maps in my fishing hut.
  5. New version seems more in line with the size of the town. Could have made it bigger if you moved it further away from the town, but otherwise it was all out of scale.