New East City - nautical town

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  1. then why?
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    Hope to see more of you all there. I have vacated my old place in Porkton after 2 years of living there and moved my shop to the new town. I plan to build an observatory on one of the hills and some other scientific/nautical type buildings.
  3. I added another boat, turned around, just so you can see the sail better (since that was a damn pain in the ass to make, so yeah, I'm showing it off) But still, if it it's in the way of other builds on shore, let me know. Happy to move or take down.
  4. the boats look great. I had the idea to do that sailboat, but then you beat me too it, and i'm sure did a much better job then I would have come up with. Well done. I think we need at least one more a bit further out in the distance.
  5. EP43


    HEY! A Water Wings! It was voted "Franchise of the Millennium".
  6. Just finished The Seamen's Union Hall. Dancing and sea shanties every sat, night. Also, bunks in the attic.
  7. hehe

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    Q: What does Your Mom and the Bermuda Triangle have in common?

    A: They both swallow seamen.
  9. I would like to know who built the Scholar's Hovel? I love that place! Kudos. I want to do something like that but maybe? Do we have one those yet?

    EDIT: We do. If anyone has a good idea for something I'd love to hear it. I'm looking to build something a bit more rustic that can be a nice compliment build style wise to my boats and fishing hut.
  10. Finished my plot which turned out to be a fortune telling / tattoo parlour thingy. Get your awesome creeper tattoo! Then have Me Soleil tell you when the time for your next death count update comes!
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    We could definitely use a schoolhouse if someone is up for it! With a fireplace inside and chairs, desks, a clock on the wall. Would probably look like a small church. What do you guys think?
  12. I could put something together like that, not too difficult -- not sure how i'd do a clock on the wall though
  13. aaannddd.... finished the school house. Library downstairs, Classroom upstairs. Maybe add a bell tower later?
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    I want to build more, but I don't want to be "that guy"
  15. can't the plot always be expanded? more boats in the harbor?
  16. I am going for 3, lol being that guy

    more room towards the lighthouse too.
  17. Added the East City Walk in Clinic. Also, DUDE'S Jet Ski hut.
  18. Decided I'll be working on a bait shop/home.
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    Needs a Goonies house, and someone doing the Truffle Shuffle in front of it.
  20. i was actually going to take a small plot and put in a dunk booth, but last few days have been tied up with a home emergency.