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    Well, I've worked out the circuits and the behavior of furnace red/stone signals.

    I've got a designed that I've trimmed down to 5 wide, 8 tall, and about 8 or 9 deep. It needs one extra block in width to tile.

    Works for a single lava bucket with a push button to dispense another from the fuel hopper.

    Now I just need to working on the auto-trigger / timer for fuel hopper.

    So I went looking for the /res tp Netherforge and it said it was invalid. hmm.

    Furnace Redstone behavior:

    The output of a furnace via a comparator is based on total count of all three inventory slots: material, fuel, product.

    Interestingly enough a full lava bucket in the furnace will at times max out the R/S output when there is at least one item in the material slot.
    (NB: check this again for exact count and behavior).

    When the input material is a full stack, the R/S signal is lowest power (one dust activated) This is enough to lock toggle a hopper to locked using an XOR switch.

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    I was able to juggle my res's and put the Netherforge res back the way it was. @GreyMantle I noticed the doors were blocked with dirt, not sure why but I went ahead and unblocked.. let me know if it was closed for maintenance. I've added you to build permissions so you can continue maintaining the place.

    If I have to let go of another res anytime soon, I think /res tp texas is probably next since it's not being used anymore... @Kmomma as our resident Texas queen I'll be happy to pass it along if you want to add it to your portfolio.
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    Does she even minecraft anymore?
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    I've been on... looking for you in the end.