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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Annie, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. So again, name is Annie and I'm 18.

    I found this server when I looked up "18+ minecraft servers"

    I haven't been on Minecraft for a few years but I fixed my computer and now I'm able to play again. I've mainly just been looking for a chill and laid back community. And to have some new friends to play with and talk to because playing Minecraft alone gets boring to me after a while. But also a server where I don't have to deal with immature little kids.

    There were problems with me using a minecraft account so I changed the username and it is now ChiknNuggetsIDW. This minecraft account is OFFICIALLY mine.

    My FB is in case you want to message me there for verification reasons. I'm trying to make this application as easy as possible so that there will not be anymore confusion.
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    Just going to put this out there but changing the name doesn't change the UUID. It's up to @Matt but it's still technically the same account.
  3. Eh I tried. I really just want to play on the server because I like it. :/
  4. @Matt Please accept my application