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  1. Hey!

    My name is Annie and I'm 18.

    I found this server when I looked up "18+ minecraft servers"

    I haven't been on Minecraft for a few years but I fixed my computer and now I'm able to play again. I've mainly just been looking for a chill and laid back community. And to have some new friends to play with and talk to because playing Minecraft alone gets boring to me after a while. But also a server where I don't have to deal with immature little kids.

    Well yeah, I think that's all. :)
  2. Also username is: Basketcaisse21
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    Hi Emil!!

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  4. That's my cousin. He doesn't play much anymore and I wanted to so he's letting me use his account... How else would I be playing Minecraft on his account?..
  5. So, since you played a few years ago, wouldn't it make more sense to use your own account?
  6. No I used another friends account. I've asked Emil to confirm this so he wrote a reply to this thread... but he has to wait until the moderater checks it. As you can see in the who viewed this thread hes read it. So his reply should be up soon.
  7. I did post, I think it's being moderated because I included URLS to other websites.
  8. What is going on around here?
  9. Really mature, Not only should this server only allow 18+ year olds, it should also have a maturity requirement.