Monkey Manor: A tour

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  1. This is my first home on this server, so I wanted to take some potshots screenshots for public humiliation posterity. This is a desert home, which ended up being so small but so fun that I'm looking for a suitable desert for a personal residence. I'm going to try my hand at an Italian mega-mansion.

    So for now the outside.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Here is the interior, ground floor.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. ...and the chestroom below.

  4. Pretty classy! Is there a res tp for this yet to explore it in person?
  5. Note the sophisticated filing system I use for my inventory. More than twenty-five centuries years have provided me with the awesome power of experience and wisdom to provide such a stellar, sophisticated methodology for inventory management!

  6. Just
    /res tp ht
    to Horse Town to see my current abode - I'm right behind the Town Hall, just two buildings away from the tp point.

    This was a lot of fun, but extremely limited space. So I'm going to try in a location far, far from anything spawn so I can spread out and really get Italian on you guys'es.
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    That looks really good, I've never been a fan of the desert builders, but this one is quite nice.
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    So would those private chests be accessible to say someone with the username redstone or other or shit?
  9. Just watched the Lockette video here, and durned if you are right!

    Time for a new chest strategy...
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    leave line 3 empty and it'll work fine
  11. You're going to be sorry if someone named "plants and other shit" join the server.
  12. So much for knowing what was in each chest! ;-)

    It's all good, I have a new system. Just bummed that I couldn't have used the signs for locking AND identification.
  13. That would most definitely be the first time in my minecraft life that I've had my saplings raided. Oh the horror!
  14. I see you've gone for that '90º angle' look.
    Nice an clean looking. :)
    Of course the first build I try, is a city based on circular construction. I'm starting to regret it now.
    Where do people say is an awful place to build?.. the desert.
    So where do I decide to build?... the desert.
    Love the shader too, looking forward to the next build your doing.
  15. The shader is Mr Meep, texture pack is Coterie Craft IIRC

    The house in Horse Town was on a limited plot, so I chose a simple, clean, somewhat modern style. Working on a more classic Italian style mansion out in the boonies, will post here when done. It is a lot of fun, but a lot of work. Next project after that will probably be a derpy log cabin in the woods somewhere, just to not see sand :)
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    I meant do this:
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    Is that her remains in the chest next to Sharpness? I mean... you didn't..... KILL her did you? Did @Cryptomeria pay you off for the hit? Nevermind... I was never here. I saw nothing.

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    I paid for her fair and square so what if I put her in a box, take her out and play with her whenever I want!
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  20. Just started on the mansion, kinda like it. Simple, clean, didn't take too much resources.