Mapping out The End

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  1. @Matt any chance the live map will support the end in the near future?

    I started a stupid project of doing it myself. I'm not sure how much further I will go with it
    To anyone that wants to mine the purple blocks those 4 dots can be harvested by anyone.
    these are all negative coords
    End Mapping.jpg
  2. are these all of the islands? Anytime I go I get lost.
  3. Oh hell no, as far as I know the sea of islands is infinite. this is just my little area I have been exploring
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    I was intrigued by the mapping that Mr_Andy was doing and decided to install JourneyMap (a minimap app). I managed to put together this picture of the End within about 2 km of End Spawn. That's probably as much as I'll do as it's kind of tedious work, and it seems like people are either done with the End or have moved way out towards the edges.


    High resolution version (well, I have 4608 x 4096 but I can't find anyplace to upload it that doesn't resize it).
  5. Google Drive, or any other hardware suppliers' cloud services? Or you can try to send it to me, and I'll upload it on my web server.