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  1. Hey guys, my name is Jeff (minecraft ID: HeffeATL).

    I have been playing minecraft online for only a few months now. im a little bit of a noob, but i learn very quickly.

    i have been having trouble finding a decent server to play on. it seems every time i get into a server it is nothing but immature little kids.

    i love to build (I am currently in school for civil engineering), so i am looking for a good factions or creative server.

    i really would like to join a server with mature players that play most nights. i try to play every night from around 8 pm until i fall asleep.

    im 23 years old, and i am a fun person to talk to.

    if i can join up with anyone please let me know what to do.

  2. No immature "kids" here, so you're in luck there, but while there's a creative world available for some, the focus here is really more on survival without too many game altering plugins (so definitely no factions).
  3. the title of this thread makes me think of this
  4. I did not really mean "factions". What I mean is that I want to be part of a community or "neighborhood" where I am able to build my own house and everything. That is what I want
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    HeffeATL isn't a registered minecraft account. What is your player name?
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