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  1. Name: morgan5555

    Age: 16 1/2

    Where I Found This Server: A friend.

    What I'm Looking For: A casual and mature server to enjoy with my friend. He already plays here.
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    No one can hide from mydog
  5. I've changed this to reflect my real age. I'm 16 1/2, but I would like to join the server to play with my friend who started a little bit ago. I'm not particularly trying to hide anything; I just don't think my age will be an issue.
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  6. this is an 18+ server. so in a year and a half, come back!
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  8. @Kinglyarab is. I can assure you I won't cause any issues; I'm in good standing on MCBans, and I'm just looking for a server to join him on since we haven't played Minecraft together in a long time. He's settled here already, so I thought it would be a good idea to try to join.
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    18+ server means you need to be 18 or over to play on here, sorry.
  10. I'm being honest at this point instead of attempting to lie; I'm hoping that it will earn me some merit in this instance. I completely agree to any rules the server has set, and I understand that I may run into mature content due to the server's player base being 18+. As I said, I'm not planning on causing any issues, and I think I have a decent level of maturity despite my age. I think I would make a good addition to the server; if an exception can't be made then I'm sure we will respect that decision and find another server to play on, but I can only definitely speak for myself.
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  11. "I completely agree to any rules the server has set,"

    One of those is you have to be 18+ so your not exactly agreeing...
  12. I'm aware; I just don't see the reason for exclusion if I'm entirely willing to behave and act accordingly. As I said in my initial post:
    I understand that the player base is "adult orientated" to a degree, so I'll respect a say that I'm unable to join due to your community viewing candidates primarily on age. I'm just unsure whose say I should be listening to. I understand that @Matt usually replies to joining threads and owns the server, so I've been awaiting an official response from them.
  13. My 4 year old doesn't even need to be told this many times on how to follow the rules. There's a reason matt has them in place.
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    I don't understand why you need Matt to tell you that you are not going to be accepted here, when if you had read that we are strictly 18+ no matter how mature you think you are, you cannot play on this server.

    I don't even know if Matt will respond, but again... There are no exceptions, you will not be accepted, you can not play here until you are 18.
  15. That's fairly rude and unrelated.
    That's quite understandable; the thing is that I'm not exactly sure why you have that one in place, and I'd like a reply from @Matt seeing as he's the only one with a final say (at least to my knowledge). Like I've said prior, I'm fully able to follow rules and act accordingly. I don't understand why a year and a half of numeral age has an impact on my ability to play on this server.
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    In case you didn't understand that, as you clearly haven't listened to anyone and think there is some hope Matt will accept you (which will not fucking happen) I will break it down a little more.

    You need to be 18 to play on this 18+ server. You are not 18. You will not play here until you are 18.
  17. it's not rude and it's exactly related. Children can't seem to understand and accept the meaning of no. I was comparing the fact that you have been told MANY times that you are not 18 and will not be accepted to the way i tell my FOUR YEAR OLD CHILD no when she wants something she cannot have. No means no, there are no ways around it no matter who tells you. Come back in a year and a half since you seem like a nice person.
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  19. EP43


    He is like a blood hound. :p

    You admitted the truth after you were caught.
    Maturity isn't a big thing on here, being underage is. Like, legally. "Jailbait" is a thing.
    Generally only people under the age of 10 refer to their age as fractions. Ie, "I'm 4 and 1/2" Or "I'm 9 and 3/4"
    Are you really from Christmas Island?