Intersnout / Wooden Axe reunion weekend Nov 29-30

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    A copy of e-mail sent out to the Intersnout player list this afternoon. The Axe
    crowd is invited, of course.

    Hello all!

    The US Thanksgiving weekend has historically been the busiest time of year for
    Minecraft servers. Well, that time of the year is here, so we're hoping to bring
    our one-of-a-kind Wooden Axe and Intersnout community together once again.

    You are invited back to Intersnout Minecraft for a fun week of activity. The server
    is still alive and well, and currently sees an average of 8-10 players online in the
    evenings, though on weekends we peak at 16-18 players. This email of course is
    likely to increase those numbers. Currently we have a 50/50 mix of new players
    and old timers from the Wooden Axe and early Intersnout days. The current admin
    is Haugsvar, and assistant admins are Spork and mapcratic.

    We're designating Reunion Night (Wooden Axe & Intersnout Old Timers Night) for this
    Friday/Saturday (Nov 29-30) at 6-10 pm EST. If you haven't played in years, this is
    the ideal time to reconnect and see some old names. You don't have to wait until
    Reunion Night to log in, of course. In fact it's a good idea to log in early and
    make sure all your permissions are in order. Recognized Wooden Axe members who have
    never logged in before will get upgraded without the application process if an admin
    is around.

    The server address is and the forums are at
    When in any world you must use the correct Minecraft version paired to that world, or
    your chat messages may be invisible and there may be problems viewing and interacting
    with blocks in the world. Use /server [worldname] to switch between worlds. Here is
    a list of active worlds:

    Intersnout .. requires V1.12.2 ... created April 2016
    Aquatic ..... requires V1.13.2 ... created August 2018
    Trial ....... requires V1.14.4 ... created May 2019 (99% of players are here currently)

    The 1.14 server, called Trial, is vanilla with one primary mod: Lockette for container
    and door protections. Griefing is tracked by CoreProtect. Residence is not yet installed
    and there is no economy yet, though some players have adopted a barter system. Creepers
    will break blocks so take appropriate precautions. The TP command set for trial is
    /home (3 homes), /back, /spawn, and /tpa for teleporting to another player. The primary
    method for getting around is an extensive Netherspawn-based hall system, where you will
    find a player directory and coordinates. Netherspawn and the overworld portal are both
    at x/z=0,0.

    We hope to see you there!

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    Times adjusted to 6-10 pm EST in consideration of our European players.
  3. Things may have changed since this.... stay tuned. All hail Map!