Intersnout update and some major changes (March 2020)

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    Some news: I took over admin duties at Intersnout last December. Haugsvar retired in November to focus on family and work. Intersnout is now being run as a team by myself and Spork.

    Intersnout carries on Wooden Axe in spirit. Matt developed for Wooden Axe what I think is one of the best formulas for success, and I am following that going forward. We're operating with pretty much the same rule set and way of doing business.

    We upgraded to a dedicated server last week, which has tripled the amount of people we can have on. We had nearly 20 people on over the weekend, and the server continued to run smoothly.

    We have been getting an infusion of new players from Gibcraft (which shut down recently). Also things have been very busy on Intersnout as the COVID-19 virus seems to be bringing in a mix of players that are self quarantining or who want to get away from the depressing news.

    Feel free to come join us if you haven't already.

    Server address:

    I hope everyone and their families stay safe through this difficult time.