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    Some of our players reminded me we don't really have an "official" thread with all the information here on the Axe, so I figured I'd put together a little calling card.

    Intersnout - Adult Minecraft
    Server address:
    Skyblock address:
    Minecraft version: 1.10.2
    Main plugins: PaperSpigot core, Residence, Dynmap, Essentials, LiftSign, Lockette, Chestshop, DeathMessages
    Staff: Mapcratic, Sporkdom, Haugsvar, Melsky, RocketTam & Tommy (Skyblock server)

    A little about us: We came online in April as the first community of Wooden Axe expatriates. At our peak early this summer we had 87 different players visiting in one day. We have tried to keep up the fine traditions that Matt pioneered on Wooden Axe: including no item spawns into the game or any use of creative mode. The main thing I strayed on is player traps -- I decided to ban those early on, but they'll come back if the majority of players decide they miss them.

    I have tried to delegate as much of the work as possible to avoid burnout and make the whole thing more community-operated, so currently Spork handles the forum, Haugsvar runs the server, and Melsky makes sure things are running smoothly online. We all have some overlap.

    The Skyblock server is operated by RocketTam & Tommy. They don't show up on our livemap or player list, but our public chat is all bound together, so we all talk back and forth in game.

    Anyhow attached are some scenic photos. I hope you'll come check us out if you haven't already. We welcome both ex-WA players and adult Minecrafters at large. I haven't been playing a lot of Minecraft lately, but I do plan to put some time into the game this weekend... maybe I'll see you there.





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    We have a new Vanilla server - Killer Vaniller. We also have Skyblock now too. And the old world is still there too.

    Interested in joining us?
    It’s fast and easy (just like our members):
    1. Register as a user on the forum
    2. Read the rules of the server
    3. Post a new thread with your age, location, minecraft username, and something about yourself and what kind of server you are looking for at the applications forum
    4. Log onto the minecraft server at least once before we can approve you.
    5. One of the admins will approve your application and grant you the necessary permissions on the server
      If you want to take a look at our server as a guest, you may log onto the server and take a look but you will only be able to walk around and use the in-game chat. For further interaction within the game you need to register and be granted permissions by the admins.
  3. Serious lack of me being shared on those screenshots....
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    Post some screenshots for us Duke.
  5. I'll have to find a nice shot to take, I don't actually have any screenshots that are not about something funny in the game xD. Like my Woodenaxe zombie fucking a pig shot, or my chickens following me in a straight line when I had "my ducks in a row" badum tsk