In a nice little swamp not THAT far from spawn...

Discussion in 'World' started by Pikk_Ax, Apr 5, 2016.

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    is a little plot of land that I've been keeping for myself for the past couple years.
    I just don't use this piece of land at all cuz I took a chunk of land far to the south instead.
    I've left a few buildings and chests and part projects and constructions all through this little patch of swamp and it's all up for grabs.
    I hereby relinquish all ownership and whinery or bitchery about anything that may happen at or near
    co-ords 2623,63,-155.
    Anyone is welcome to pillage or burn or takeover the stuff there. no cries of grief or anything else.
    the vast majority of what I've done at or near there has been underground centered on a large expanded rift.

    one note of caution. It is adjacent to wooly. I allowed Djose to join me in the area way back when he started.

    other than that go nuts.
    the area will still be bordered by a bunch of flaming cobble pillars when i've finished this post, and I will have removed the big res protecting it too.