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  1. My name is Johnathon I'm 33 and I'm looking for a chill server to hang out not fond of the hustle and bustle and finally decided to search for a more mature player base...
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    I believe that if WA isn't going to somehow rise from the ashes as I dream it would, we need to make some changes to these here forums to make it more evident that the server is down for good... YOU HEAR ME @Matt ?! STOP PLAYING WITH MY EMOTIONS YOU SON OF A BITCH.
  4. I love this noob
  5. Welcome aboard be sure to read the rules
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    Yay! new players!!
    that's a nice bowtie, @TBonDc check this guy out!
  7. I signed up for WoodenAxe and AdultCraft the same day when I decided I wanted to play on an adults only server. AdultCraft approved me within a couple hours so I ended up going there and really enjoy it. Over the last couple weeks or so, I have seen a few new people join AdultCraft that have mentioned they came from here since it closed. I am here to offer an invitation to anyone looking to join a different Adults Only server. AdultCraft has a standard server running 1.10 (and includes the slimefun mod) as well as a modded server running a custom pack using the Technic Launcher. If you are interested, and as least 21 years old, feel free to check it out at www.AdultCraft.net.
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